13 Cool Psychological Hacks That Will Make Your Life Easier

 When we are tired of doing some work or want to get rid of something that annoys us, we can use psychological hacks and tricks to solve such problems. I use these psychological hacks and it has improved my life and made it easier.

13 Cool Psychological Hacks That Will Make Your Life Easier

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The goal is not to manipulate others but to understand others’ behaviors and life issues, to deal with them in an effective way (psychologically).

1. Make others’ jokes lame

We all get annoyed by a person who waits for people to gather, then throws a joke at our expense. If you have that annoying person in your circle, here’s a psychological hack that will solve the issue. We all know that a joke becomes less funny when it’s repeated. When someone throws a joke about you, pretend like you never heard it and ask them to repeat it. This will make the joke less funny. Even worse than that, after they repeat the joke, pretend like you didn’t get the joke. This will make the joke unfunny.

Explaining a joke is worse than repeating it. Because most people in the circle laugh not because the joke is funny but because it’s a joke. Others will find it unfunny at all. This will make you laugh, not at the joke but at how pathetic the person has become. This is a brilliant and cool psychological hack to use in many situations.

2. Defeat a narcissist

We all hate narcissists, and a person who loves them is probably a narcissist. The narcissist always insults a person in front of others and thinks it makes them cool. Well, when they reach you and insult you in front of others. Completely ignore them in front of others, or look at them pathetically, then continue doing your thing. This will destroy and hurt their self-image since all they care about is themselves and how others should praise and adore them.

3. Know who likes you

If you want to confirm whether a person is in love with you or interested in you, there’s a psychological hack for that. When you are in a circle and that person is around. Throw a joke that can make anyone in the circle laugh, then see if that certain person is looking at you since you will be looking at them. If they look at you every time they laugh, then that person likes you. People unconsciously agree with the person they are interested in because mimicry is one of the physiological signs of interest and love.

4. The Chameleon Effect

This psychological hack can get someone to like you and find you interesting. Just like its name, this hack is about mirroring someone’s body language. You build a sense of trust with someone when you mimic their body language, how they speak, how they walk, and how they deal with things. People like and enjoy their time with a person who shares a similar behavior. This will make the other person thinks you are compatible with them. This psychological hack comes with its downside that the person you are mimicking may never get to know you for your true personality.

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5. Get rid of theoretical negative thoughts

Negative thoughts are just thoughts, but they are dangerous. The more we think about and challenge it, the bigger it grows and the more branches it creates. When these negative hypothetical thoughts appear, stop them by asking yourself logical questions. This psychological hack works perfectly because the more logical your question seems, the more it dominates this theoretical thought, which makes it lose its frequency and power.

For example, if you are on your way home driving your car and you start having negative thoughts like what if I make an accident on my way home. Strike these theoretical negative thoughts with a logical question like what will I gain thinking about things that may never happen. Try this psychological hack and you will see its effect immediately.

6. Detect the liar in the group 

There’s always a person who does many things to fit in the group and it’s hard to judge if they are lying because they are new. A great psychological hack to know if they are lying is to watch them and focus on if they look for validation when they are talking. You can spot that by seeing how they move their eyes. If they seek validation for what they are saying, they will look from one person to another looking for that person who believes their lies. Remember this psychological hack because it makes life easier and prevents being fooled by a liar.

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7. Call a person by their name

This is a great psychological hack to make a conversation better. In most conversations, we often want to feel important and make the other side feel important. It’s how meaningful conversation is created. Call a person by their name. It makes that person feel important. But you don’t call people by their names every time you meet them. Instead, you say their name in the middle of a conversation.

For example, if you are in a conversation with John and you want to validate their struggle instead of saying “that’s good, you are doing something great” say “that’s good John, you are doing something great.” Try it with your partner, child, or friend.

8. Win an argument with a difficult person

We refer to a person as difficult when they can’t get our point of view or don’t want to get it. Mainly because they are stupid or doing that on purpose. A psychological hack to win an argument with such people is to ask logical questions with a smile on your face about something they said. This will reveal errors in their statements and make them look and feel like fools. They will agree with you or agree to disagree with you.

9. A psychological hack to complete something

We all get hard times trying to complete or even start a certain thing. Sometimes, we start, then get bored in the middle, take a break after that, procrastinate, and end up completing nothing. Since the problem can be solved mentally, here’s a hack for that: you just have to convince your mind to do the work first. This can be done by shooting your mind with thoughts about the work. After you convince your mind and start, your mind will find it interesting doing the work.
For example, before reading, it’s hard to find the motivation to start reading. Instead of searching for motivational videos to get motivation, convince your mind that it’s not that bad to read. When you start, you can see how your mind will like it because it will find new information.

10. Know if a person is interested in a conversation

When you are in a conversation with someone, you want them to stop talking so that you can leave. You try to give them signs to let them know you are not interested in the conversation, but hardly do they get you. But when the same thing happens to you, how do you know that? Here’s a psychological hack to detect that accurately. Look to where a person’s foot is pointing:

  • If it’s pointing toward you, it means they are interested in the conversation.
  • If it’s pointing away from you, it simply means the conversation doesn’t interest them at all.
  • If it’s pointing to the door, you can know that the person wants to leave.

This is a great psychological hack to understand others and know which type of conversation they are interested in.

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11. Give choices to people

This psychological hack is tricky, but it makes things run smoothly. Instead of deciding something for someone which may piss them off and refuse what you decided for them. Give them choices in the scope of your decisions.

For example, instead of deciding which toy color is the best for your child. Let them choose between red and blue. This will make them feel like they have power and control over their choice, but you already have decided which color is the best. This trick works for both kids and adults. The person who uses this trick is your waiter.

12. Validate others

People often do things and expect validation for what they did. It’s something rooted inside every human being. When someone says to you something good, validate them. This will make them think you are a good listener and feel important. Use this hack with your little brother or sister, it will strengthen the bond between you.

13. Refresh your mind after sleeping for little hours

Let’s assume you partied the last night and reached home at 3 AM. You have to wake up early at 6 AM to go to work. Sleeping for this short time will make you tired all day, which will make you less productive at work. To get a fresh mind after you slept for these few hours: simply tell yourself that you slept well. It convinces your mind that you slept well, which makes it work well.

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