5 Effective things to do when you have no Motivation for School

Having no motivation is frustrating when you want to get many tasks done. Especially when you have no motivation for school. But it’s normal to have no motivation for school or college.

Many of high school and college students experience a lack of motivation due to much work, hard subjects, and crashed expectations. As most of them go to school/college because they have to go, not because they want to go. It’s that when you reach a certain level of frustration, you lose all the motivation and enthusiasm you had for school.

But don’t give up. I and so many other people have been through this. The good news about having no motivation for school is that there are certain things you can cultivate to get you back your motivation.

Here are the 5 things to do when you have no motivation for school:

1. Know the reasons why you are feeling unmotivated

It’s the first thing to do when you have no motivation for school. You can list down anything that crosses your mind when you think about the reason why you are feeling unmotivated for school. Knowing the reason behind your lack of motivation will help you solve the problem.

For example, if you have so many repressed thoughts inside you, it will cause problems to your well-being which will lower your motivation. All you need to do here is relieve yourself by letting all these thoughts out.

At this stage, you might assume you no longer like your school or the subjects, but the problem lies within the frame of your state of mind and environment. When making a list; focus more on the things that you can control.

5 Effective things to do when you have no Motivation for School

But to get a precise answer, here are the 3 things you can do to know the reason why you are experiencing a lack of motivation for school:

Have a chat with one of your friends

Most of the time you have only a fixed perception of your problem, as your close friends might know you more than you know yourself. Your friends can see the things that you can’t see about yourself.

If you are unsure about the things you listed down, listen to your friend. If what he/she made sense, you can now fix the problem. If you don’t have a close trusted friend, you can go with the second option.

Write down your thoughts

If you prefer to depend on yourself, you can write down all your thoughts without caring which one is the reason for your lack of motivation for school. Sometimes you need the right questions to let all your thoughts out. I’d recommend reading “10 questions to ask yourself to increase motivation“. All these questions will trigger thoughts related to your motivation.

Listen to your disturbing thoughts and know where they come from

Take some time to listen to yourself and your needs. Life isn’t all about school and doing homework. You also need time to do what you truly need.

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2. Organize your school stuff

If you don’t organize your reading table and school stuff and schedule your reading time, you will lose motivation for school, reading, or doing homework.

When you organize all the stuff related to school, your mind will find nothing to distract you with as you are more likely to get all your work done and stop procrastination.

Be prepared for school, write down your tasks, do your homework, make a quick revision, take breaks, and give all things their time. This will get you back your motivation for school.

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3. Get your tasks done

Procrastination and laziness are different from being unmotivated for school or doing homework. If you are just lazy to go to school, you don’t need any help. Just go to school. If you are procrastinating and not doing your homework or reading. Just put in the work. I know it’s not easy, as I said.

Here are the 3 things to do to help you get all your tasks done:

Start with the hard tasks

Many people will tell you to do the easy tasks first to increase your motivation. I find that effective when you are not lazy or procrastinating. Research shows that you lose when you procrastinate on difficult tasks.

Hard tasks in reality aren’t that hard; the mind makes them bigger, harder, and boring. Start with the hard task and give it all your attention. Change your environment if it has a lot of noise or any other distractions, clean and organize your reading table, silent your phone and put it away, or turn off all the social media apps notifications if you are using it, fill your water bottle, and start doing the hard task.

Stay consistent

Promise yourself to stay consistent until you get all your tasks done.

Take a break

People think hard work makes you productive, but it only makes you productive for a short time. Being highly productive and motivated includes hard work, breaks, good sleep, consistency, and enjoying the work. After completing a hard task, don’t rush into another. Give yourself a break, then continue.

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4. Take care of your physical health

It doesn’t matter how hard you work, if you don’t take care of your physical health; you are more likely to become depressed and lose motivation for school.

Research shows that the effect of motivation to exercise has a direct effect on function and an indirect effect on improving activity levels. So exercise, have enough sleep, drink water, and have a healthy diet.

5. Take care of your well-being

Research has proven that there is a correlation between well-being and motivation, and the greater the motivation the better the well-being and vice versa. Prioritizing your well-being will help you solve your lack of motivation for school.

Do the things you enjoy, relax, identify your mood triggers, sleep well, and take care of your physical health. You will be okay.

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