5 Powerful Tips to Help you Become a Motivated Student

 Being a motivated student can open you up to many opportunities and set you from the crowd. Some of the common problems that most students face are lack of motivation and procrastination. It’s a phase every student goes through and it’s through overcoming that difficult phase that a student sets himself/herself from others.

If you depend too much on extrinsic motivation as a student, your motivation span will be too short. To become a motivated student, you should focus on developing your extrinsic motivation and focus on becoming a better student, more intelligent, and better at solving problems.

5 Powerful Ways to Help you Become a Motivated Student

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According to the Hechinger Report article, PROOF POINTS: What almost 150 studies say about how to motivate students. Unmotivated students don’t learn much at school. Internal or intrinsic motivation is what helps children and young adults to succeed in school. Here are the 5 powerful tips to help you become a motivated student:

1. Study to become a better student not to get attention

The brilliant students in the class always get the attention of the class and teachers without seeking it when they score high marks or solve difficult questions. Most students answer questions in the class to be recognized as smart by the class or teacher.

This way is good because it increases a student’s motivation to read more so that he/she can answer more questions the teacher asks to get more praise. But it has many negative consequences:

  • Your motivation can fade so fast if you depend on praise as your source of motivation. One day you will answer a question, but the class or the teacher won’t give you the attention or the praise you were expecting. This will change your perception, which may negatively affect your motivation.
  • You will lose all the motivation you had to study if you failed a test or an exam. This happens because you are motivated only when you are praised by other students and teachers.

Every student’s dream is to score a high mark in some or all subjects. When you score a high mark, two things will happen:

  1. You will be praised by your family, friends, or teacher.
  2. A great positive feeling will flow through you as a reward for the hard work you did. You will notice that you are becoming smarter and a better student. This will increase your motivation to study more.

To become a motivated student, you should appreciate the praise and attention you get, but give it less attention. But you should focus on becoming smarter and better. This will make you a motivated student because you will be intrinsically motivated (from inside) not motivated by the praises you get (extrinsically).

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2. Aim for high marks

Be an ambitious student and strive for high grades. Your motivation increases when you challenge yourself or you are challenged. Scoring high marks or being among the top 3 students is a difficult task and a hard challenge. But it’s through such challenges that you become a hardworking or more intelligent student. Strive for high marks for these two reasons:

  1. When you study so hard and score high marks, you will become motivated to study more to score higher marks.
  2. If you study hard and score marks below your expectations. It will be higher than your regular marks. This will give you the key to scoring high marks, which is studying smarter and correcting your mistakes. You will become intrinsically motivated to score better marks and become a better student.

Both reasons are positive and can help you become a motivated student. But not all students view challenges the same. Such challenges can crash some students and make them feel bad and become unmotivated to study. If you always become unmotivated after challenges, here’s how to fix it:

  • Think positively in negative situations; i.e., if your marks didn’t meet your expectations, don’t blame external factors; instead, ask yourself what are the mistakes you’ve made.
  • Realize that there are mistakes you will make without realizing it. It’s similar to answering a question you think is right, but it’s wrong because you don’t understand it well.

When you change your perspective about challenges, you won’t be disappointed. Always aim for the top and challenge yourself. Adding positive thinking will make you a motivated student.

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3. Try to solve hard questions

Solving hard questions develops your brain, helps you score high marks and make you believe in your ability to think, and increases your motivation. When you solve a hard question, you will become motivated to try more because it feels good to do what you thought you can’t. If the question is too hard to be solved, ask for help or see YouTube videos. The more you learn, the better you will become at solving hard questions. This will help you become a student who’s motivated to become better.

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4. Discuss interesting topics with your colleagues

Discussion improves your understanding of a certain topic and gives you different views. Ask your colleagues questions that can have more than 5 different answers. Discussing interesting topics can make you love the subject because you will bring your view and perspective about a certain thing.

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For example, physics and maths can be interesting if you discuss interesting topics with people who love physics. Each subject has an interesting topic which you can use to increase your love for that subject. It helps you to become a motivated student because you will love the subjects you study, which will increase your love for learning more. 

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5. Manage your time effectively

Time management is an important skill that will help you become a successful student. If you don’t know how to manage your time effectively, you will easily lose your focus and increase your stress level. Managing your time as a student gives you many benefits:

  1. It reduces your anxiety level
  2. You study effectively and prioritize your tasks
  3. You manage yourself better

Managing time doesn’t increase students’ motivation, but it reduces anxiety and stress, which are the main things that cause the lack of motivation in students.

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