5 Powerful Ways to Find Motivation in Life

 Motivation is important in life. There are moments when you could start working on anything because your motivation is high, and there are moments like right now when your motivation is almost dead. Motivation in life is easily gained, but keeping it is hard. You can easily find motivation in things you love, things you desire, and things you wish to have. But there are times when you see and do things, but it doesn’t amaze and motivate you as it used it. Finding motivation, in this case, is hard.

5 Powerful Ways to Find Motivation in Life

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In this article, I’ll cover powerful ways to find your motivation in life even when you hardly find it, but let me summarize the reasons you can’t find your motivation. Some of these reasons are:

  • You don’t achieve the goals you set: If you are a person who writes down their goals, then procrastinates and gets nothing achieved, you will hardly find motivation after repeating this habit.
  • You watch many motivational videos: it will be hard to find motivation if you only do something after watching a motivational video. It’s not that you can’t find motivation, but the motivation you find is always less than the motivation you feel after watching a motivational video.

These are the main two reasons most people don’t find motivation in life.

But here are the 5 ways to find your motivation in life:

1. Start doing new things

Take a step outside your room and look at anything you didn’t try before. The goal is to find admiration and motivation in new things. Simply think about this, people, people hardly find the motivation to work when they dislike their job; students are unmotivated to read the subject they hate. You will be unmotivated in life when things no longer amaze and excite you, but there are many things you can try in life that will excite and motivate you. Some of the new things to try are:

  • Try out a new hobby.
  • Try a new habit you learned from someone that amazes you.
  • Try cooking a new dish
  • Try blogging, creating content, or editing creative videos.

Keep on trying new things until you discover that one thing that excites you and you enjoy your time doing it.

I never knew that I enjoyed writing until I started blogging. I didn’t know I enjoyed editing videos and creating social media content until I tried it. You will never know what motivates you until you try it. Trying new things will direct you to the road where you will find your motivation in life.

2. Be creative at what you are good at

Level up your skills in things you are good at. Not being creative and leveling up your skills is like playing a game at one level only. You win the game every day because you know the game properly. But with time, you will be bored and have no excitement at playing it. The same thing with your life. If you used to find motivation in the things you are good at, but it isn’t getting harder and you are not being creative at it. You will lose all your motivation. Find the motivation you want by being creative in all the things you enjoy doing.

3. Talk with friends about the things you want to achieve

Dreams are the number one source of motivation in life. When you meet a like-minded friend, start talking about the things you both want to achieve, and how great it will feel and be when you achieve these goals. This small talk can give you the motivation you need to start. After getting the motivation, you have to take one step forward toward your goal. Because it gives a positive signal to your subconscious mind that you are the type of person that says and does what he says. When you take a step and see yourself chasing your dreams, you will be motivated to go far.

If you don’t have a friend who shares a similar vision, there are many groups on social media where you can find people with similar goals and visions. Knowing that you are not alone in your journey and there are people out there giving their best to achieve a goal similar to yours will give you motivation.

4. Find motivation in solving problems

What challenges us and makes us better, motivates us. We all know how good it feels when you solve a difficult problem, and the opposite is true. The good feeling you feel and the motivation you get when you solve a problem is similar to achieving a big goal and the desire to achieve more. Maybe you lost your motivation because of many problems and life issues that made you look at life from a different perspective. Try changing your perspective on these problems, think positively, and see if you can solve some of these problems. Don’t think about your life problems all at once. Start with the smaller one or the urgent one; solve it, and move on to the second problem. The more you solve your life problems, the easier your life will be and the more motivated you will feel.

5. Get outside your head

One of the powerful things that affect our motivation and perception in life is our thoughts. If you are impacting many people’s lives positively. But inside your mind, it’s gloomy and dark; you will have a gloomy perception that will affect your motivation in life. It’s time to get outside your head and see how many people are happy because of what you did. How many people you’ve helped and the good you’ve added to people’s lives. No one lives for himself; what you do will affect someone else’s life. If you are an artist, think about how your music has helped a depressed kid overcome their toughest times. By getting outside your head, you realize how beneficial the things you are doing are. You will feel happy and your motivation will rise.

6. Stop watching many motivational videos

Watching motivational videos and reading motivational quotes is good, but overwatching and overreading will cause you problems. If you love motivational videos and quotes, continue watching and reading them, but don’t overconsume these contents. Watch only one or two motivational videos before you sleep, to affirm how hard you’ve been working all day. Avoid watching it in the morning before you go to work. Since motivational quotes aren’t that bad, you can follow genuine pages and accounts that post daily motivational quotes.

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