5 Powerful Ways to Regain your Motivation

 Growing up comes with Its wonders that you need to deal with. When your motivation vanishes, you manage to regain that motivation. You either have responsibilities, goals you want to achieve, or tasks you want to complete. All these things push us to search for ways to regain our motivation. Not being motivated to do something as you wish to be can be frustrating because there’s a part of you that wants to do something, but there’s another part of you that’s silent and doesn’t want to move. I’ll cover all the things you will need to regain your motivation, but let me clear some misconceptions about motivation.

5 Powerful Ways to Regain your Motivation

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Motivation may push us to start working on a goal. In the first case, motivation comes first; then the action follows it. For example, if you are walking on a street and you see a new car that catches your eye. You liked the car and decided to work extra hard to buy it. In this case, motivation comes first. In the second case, the action comes first, then motivation follows it. Continuing with the first example; you start working extra hard to make more money to buy the car. When you see how good your performance is and how hard you are working, it raises the level of your motivation and pushes you to do more. It’s the action that gives you motivation.

Most people who are dealing with the lack of motivation are a part of the second case. They wait for motivation to do the work, instead of doing the work to feel motivated. But you don’t simply regain your motivation after reading “put in the work.” Here are the ways to regain your motivation:

1. Remember why you started

We all have different life issues and problems we are dealing with that most people around us don’t know. Different situations and these issues push us to work on a goal that gives us the life we seek. Everyone has a different reason that pushes them to start. Remembering the reason that made you start will help you regain your motivation. If you decided to become a doctor, but now you are unmotivated to study. Remember, why did you decide to become a doctor. Maybe you want to become a doctor to save people’s lives. If you decided to build a business or become an entrepreneur. Maybe your reason is to change the lives of your society. Write down these reasons, they will be enough to get you back your motivation.

2. Break your big goal into smaller achievable goals

The main goal here is to gain motivation and enthusiasm. Working on a big long-term goal that will give you results after a long time will make you bored. Such goals require consistency and discipline to be achieved. When it comes to daily tasks, a little motivation can make you start.

When you break big goals into smaller achievable goals, it gets you back your motivation and makes you disciplined. Every small goal you achieve gives you enthusiasm and motivation to work on the second goal. When you achieve many of these small goals, achieving these goals becomes a habit. When it turns into a habit, you won’t need any motivation to work on your goal.

For example, if my task is to finish reading a book. I’d become bored if I decided to complete it in a day. This will lead to procrastination and I’ll finish nothing. But if I decided to read 15 pages a day, 8 pages when I wake up, and 7 pages before I sleep. It will be an easy task to complete. After some days, I’ll complete the book without facing any decline in my motivation. This can be applied to any of your big tasks and goals.

If you simplify things for yourself, your mind will enjoy it. Break your big goals into smaller goals and simplify them. The more you achieve these goals, the more motivation you will gain in that process. It’s the simplest way to regain your motivation.

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3. Arrange your tasks

When all your tasks are arranged, you will know where to start, which makes you start. By arranging your tasks, you gain motivation when you start. The mind gets bored and looks for ways to procrastinate when things are disorganized and difficult to get through. You will be unmotivated to start and your mind will search for ways to get you off that task.

For example, if you want to study and your study desk is not organized. Your mind will see many ways to get you off studying. Eventually, you will lose your motivation. If you clean your room and organize your study desk. Your mind will find no distraction and you will start studying. When you start and study some pages, you will gain some motivation that will push you to complete.

4. Visualize your future

Everyone wants to have a better future. Visualize your future when you achieve your goal and if you don’t. How your future will be will get you back your motivation and push you to start. You work because you want or don’t want a certain future. Remember that your future is made up of what you do today.

5. Feed your mind with positivity

When you fail and get few tasks done or nothing done, you will feel unmotivated. To keep a healthy and positive mindset, you have to feed it with positivity. When things are not going the way you want and you are feeling unmotivated and uninspired. Read some positive quotes or talk with a friend that makes you feel positive. This will help you regain your motivation and push you to continue.

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