5 Ways to Make Money with your Facebook Motivational Page

 Apart from making money with Facebook ads break and In-steam ads. Here are my top 5 ways to make money with your Facebook motivational page.

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1. Paid Promotion or selling shout-out 

Selling shout-out is the first and most way most motivational pages on Facebook and Instagram earn money. Selling shout-outs is an organic way to sell page followers and reach. You share the page post that he chooses through which he gains followers, page likes, and increase page reach and engagement, and for that, you get some money according to the deal you made. The price range per one post share for quotes pages ranges from $5 – $50 according to your page engagement and its growth. If your motivational page has 500k followers with 50-300 likes per post, and another page with 100k followers with 1-3k likes per post. The other page will earn more money for each shout-out he makes. Shout-out price doesn’t depend on page followers or likes, but on-page engagement, the more engagement you have on your page, the more money you can charge per shout-out. Some motivational pages will make a contract with you for sharing their content for some weeks or a month. You can sign a contract that lasts for one or two weeks. But if it’s for a month, don’t sign these contracts for the following reasons:

  1. If your page is growing fast, the price for each shout-out will increase. But you can’t do anything because you signed a contract.
  2. If your page is not constantly growing, but have a good engagement. You will see a drop in your page engagement and reach after some time because not all the posts you will share will comply with your followers, making them skip the content. This will hurt your page reach and engagement.
  3. Sharing 2 or 3 posts from another page for 1 month or more is like you are telling your fans to go to that page. It has greater content. Your page will have many posts in a day, losing its value. Think well before signing a contract. 

  I explained well why creating scarcity (posting less in a day) will increase your page value and strengthen the fan base. Read it.

If your motivational page has a great engagement. Big organizations, personal blogs, and self-improvement pages that sell courses and mentorship in the self-improvement niche are more likely to contact you to promote their products, which is through introducing them to your page followers. These pages hire experts for their marketing strategy. The price range for these promotions is more compared to any other promotion.

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2. Through blogging

It’s the best way to earn money with your motivational page. Create a website, then write Self-improvement, self-help, and other articles you think your followers have an interest in reading it. Monetize your blog with AdSense or Ezoic ads as a beginner. Though it will take time to learn about Google algorithms, how to write a high-quality article, and make in-depth research. The reasons why making money with your motivational page through blogging is the best way (I love it):

1. You connect deeper with your fans, strengthen your motivational page fan base, and increase your value. Most of your page followers are people who are following their goals, letting go of their past, or becoming highly successful. They admire your page for posting quotes and content that help them to cope with difficulties they are facing. In general, you are helping them, putting a smile on their face, or reducing stress with funny, inspirational, or motivational quotes. Giving them great content about how to increase your mental and emotional strength, how to let go of a past relationship, how to improve your focus, how to set effective habits, etc which they found helpful. This will increase their respect and admiration for you. Besides that, they will engage more with your content, increasing your page engagement. 

2. You earn money by placing ads on your website. Besides increasing your page engagement, strengthening your fan base, and increasing your value, you earn a good decent amount of money. The major way Website earns money is through placing ads on their website. There are many ads network like AdSense, Ezoic, Mediavine, ads thrive, etc some require a high number of views per month but luckily for you, AdSense and Ezoic require zero page views to be accepted into the ads program. With the Ezoic ads network, you can earn around $10 – $25 per 1000 views, which is great. Depending on you and your page reach, you can earn a lot of money. Starting blogging is a win-to-win move, but a greater win for you. Start blogging when your motivational page reached 50k+ having 200 likes on the average post.

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3. Selling viewers for blogs

As I just explained how websites earn money with ads. Website owners with low viewers who want to increase their revenue will contact you to buy your story for some time and that’s through sharing their content on your page story with their link or sharing the website content as a post. The price depends on the contract you agreed to. But before agreeing to the contract, first, check the website content. If it’s cheap content that is not in the self-improvement niche, reject it. This will make your page followers only your page followers, but not fans.

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4. You Tube

Here comes the time where you expand your Facebook motivational page and earn more money. We all know how YouTubers are earning millions and some who dropped out of college to pursue YouTube as a career. If you love appearing on camera, start a YouTube channel. Turn the content you post on your website into a video, but if you don’t like talking about self-improvement things or giving advice. Some of your motivational page fans might be wondering how you are keeping it up, so create the YouTube channel with your name, posting things about your life, contents, and thoughts that you like. But don’t make content only for your Facebook motivational page fans, but also to attract YouTube users because there are a lot of people on YouTube who might be interested in watching what you upload. YouTubers earn money in many ways, which are:

1. YouTube ads: The most popular and simplest way you can earn money on YouTube is by placing ads on your videos.

2. Selling merch: Selling your merch is the biggest way big YouTubers earn money with.

3. Sponsorship: Big brands, apps, and websites can contact you to give them a shout-out in your video, but in an intelligent way. You talk about a specific thing with a problem as a part of your video and offer the app or the website service as a solution. There are other ways to earn money with YouTube channels like funding and affiliate links. For more details, read this. 

5. Sell affiliate self-help books

It’s the simplest way to start earning money with your Facebook motivational page. We all know how helpful books are and how great and enjoyable they can be. If you are a person who loves reading books. After any good book you read, recommend it to your followers. There are many affiliate websites but start with Amazon (because it’s popular). Sign up for the Amazon affiliate program.

The right strategy to sell more affiliate self help-book on your motivational page.

Don’t just post the book cover with the link telling your followers to buy the book. Present the book as the solution to a certain problem they are facing. Highlight the important topics in the book that explain how it solves the problem as a subheading in your post, then summarize the explanation according to your view. You can do that in a post but I’ll recommend using pictures quote (background must be the author or something related to the book) or in a video to reach more people. Then put the affiliate link in the comment section or at the end of the post.

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