6 Best Ways To Waste Your Life

 Our life doesn’t have a reset button where you reach your 30s and say ” Oh I wasted my 20s, I need to go back and live it again”. It’s one way with no going back.

6 ways to waste your life and be miserable

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 The best way to waste your life and be miserable is to spend most of your time thinking about the time you wasted. How you wasted your time procrastinating and playing video games instead of reading, working, or completing that task. To live a wasted life. Always think about the past and the future, stay in your comfort zone, wait for the perfect moment to come, complain about everything, think you are special and don’t follow your dream. You can maximize wasting your life and being more miserable by becoming better at all these things. Here are the most effective ways to stay unhappy and waste your life:

1. Cut off Everyone in your life

Life is meant to be enjoyed. Since we are social species, waste your life living in misery by becoming an island unto yourself. To perfect your misery and the quality of time wasted. Think you are special, one of your kind, and not like everyone else. Be unapproachable and shut people away from your life. To maximize the effectiveness of misery in your life. Live where there’s no one or go to an island, then build a fence of steel. Remind yourself that you are special. People just can’t understand you, then listen to sad songs to feed your depression. Since you are special and people can’t understand you, keep all these energies to yourself. This is the most effective way to become miserable and waste your life. 

It doesn’t matter if you are an introvert or a special person. Introverts recharge by isolating themselves, but that doesn’t mean shutting everyone off. This kind of mindset makes life more difficult and increases depression. I’m an introvert and I have friends who are introverts and extroverts. I enjoy the time I spend with myself more but I also enjoy my time talking, laughing, and discussing with friends and family. Or even though you are special. Special people are meant to make life special by doing the things most people can’t. If you don’t want to stay miserable all your life. Talk with your friends, meet new people, get better at socializing, etc. 

2. Don’t be present 

If you are at a party or an event where others are dancing, laughing, or enjoying their moment. Instead of enjoying these moments and making memories, start thinking about your past. Think about how bad things were, think about your failures, think about how your ex cheated or lied to you, about your sad days, about that bad person who did wrong you. To maximize the misery. Think everyone is bad and the smile they are putting on their face is just fake. Every new person you meet is just bad as that bad person you know. Start worrying about your future and think about things that may not happen. Play the “What if” game. What if your partner starts cheating on you? What if you didn’t find a job after graduating? What if you died tomorrow? What if that project failed after all these hard works? To maximize your unhappiness and the quality of time wasted. Do all these things at night right before you sleep. 

3. Take everything personally and seriously

Take everything seriously, even the things you can’t control. More than that, judge everything and keep your distance because these people are stupid, inadequate, or unpleasant. When you are in with others or in a group, always complain about everything and anything. Don’t be proactive and think about solving the problem, but complain about how bad the weather is, how bad some of the group members are, how that neighbor kid is annoying. The best complaint. Complain about the government and about how bad your country’s economy is. This is one of the best ways to waste your life and always be unhappy.

4. Don’t organize your goals 

Instead of setting your goals smartly, set it VAPID. Don’t break your big goal into a small one, then start working and accomplishing these small goals. This will run the risk of increasing your enthusiasm to continue on the path and increasing your motivation, but you don’t want that. Follow your immediate goal without organizing it, even though it will take months. Start working on it. This will downgrade your motivation with time and make you quit early. A perfect tip for wasting your time.

5. Stay in your comfort zone

If you’ve to do something that can make a change in your life. Stop it. Avoid trying new things or facing your fears. Avoid, heights, talking to your crush, relationships, asking questions, or anything that has a potential embarrassment. Here we don’t want a novel experience or a fresh perspective. If it’s not comfortable. Don’t do it. Be passive and lean back. The perfect moment and opportunity will come. Your career opportunity will knock on the door and the love of your life will come. You just have to sit back and wait because it will come.  

6. Don’t believe you can get better

If you failed at something, you failed. Don’t think of ways to get better at something. If you aren’t good at socializing and your friends asked you to go out with them, say no to that. If your boss chose you to lead the meeting at your work. Find excuses to tell your boss. In the end, if you are bad, you will always stay bad. Limit yourself and you will waste your life. 


I wrote this article because other people have this kind of mindset and expect themselves to stay happy enjoying their life. I’m not a life expert who knows how to live happily forever, but sometimes it’s our mindset that makes our life difficult and miserable. If you want to live your life completely do the opposite of the above mention tips. 

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