6 Creepy Psychology Facts That Most People Don’t Know

 Every once in a while, you always come across a strange fact that gives a shock to your brain; it might be a weird psychological fact you didn’t know, a strange psychological trick, or creepy psychological facts that you are about to read.

6 Creepy Psychology Facts That Most People Don't Know

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Here are the 6 creepy psychology facts:

1. Gaze detection 

It’s a phenomenon where your brain can sense someone staring at you. In some cases, our brain is wired to think that someone is staring at us.

Some people believe that this phenomenon explains why we randomly wake up at night. It’s not scientifically proven, but most experts used gaze detection as a part of their theory to explain why most people wake up at 2-3 am.

A lot of people I know told me about their experiences suddenly waking up at the time between 2-3 am. Maybe you know a person who randomly wakes at that time, or you are that person.

Many people believe that 2-3 am is the witching hour or when the spirits are roaming. The gaze detection system activates because a ghost is staring at you.

According to a paranormal expert, when you see an unfamiliar face in your dream, it’s the ghost watching you while you are asleep and the chair you put in your room is where the ghost stays watching you.

Sometimes in deep sleep, you see your dead relatives. This indicates that their soul is roaming around you because it’s impossible to see a dead person at rest. According to a paranormal expert, ghosts can be seen with closed eyes.

That’s how they hunt at night, which explains why some people wake up terrified at 2-3 am. Three theories explain why we wake up between 2-3 am.

The first says that the paranormal happens at that time. The second says that it’s a spiritual message sent to you. And the third is done by a sleep specialist.

According to sleep specialists, people wake up 6 times per night and one of them is between 2-3 am. Waking up is just another cycle of sleepRead more about the theories.

Isn’t it creepy knowing that a ghost is staring at or watching you? Don’t freak out; it’s not scientifically proven to be real. Some scientists believe in the paranormal and some don’t. It’s up to you to believe which theory is true.

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2. Pareidolia

Pareidolia is a psychological phenomenon where your mind sees a face in things like fruits or clothes.

Pareidolia is an ambiguous perception and random stimulus as significant. This phenomenon happens to everyone, especially kids, and it always frightens them.

Waking up at night in the dark and the cloth you throw randomly looks like a person looking at you or a monster. This phenomenon works perfectly when you have watched a horror movie or heard a scary story or event, which increases your fear and makes your mind attentive to anything surrounding you.

When you wake up at night, your mind sees anything that’s unusual or different as a face or person from that horror movie. In some cases, your mind doesn’t need any unusual thing in the dark. It can see a face in an empty room.

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3. Fear can kill you

Scientists claim that sudden death caused by fear results from chemical damage to the heart.

Intense fear can cause your body to release too much adrenaline and the heart is the only organ that is affected. Excess adrenaline is toxic to the heart.

Adrenaline opens calcium to the heart causing irregular heartbeat, which leads to sudden death unless treated immediately. Think twice before scaring people with a phobia.

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4. Your brain can play tricks on you

You will see a monster in the mirror if you stare at it for ten minutes in a dimly lit room. A phenomenon is known as the Troxler Effect, discovered by a philosopher named Ignaz Troxler.

When you spend ten minutes in front of the mirror in a dimly lit room staring at yourself, your mind gets bored and starts scaring you by making you see a monster with your face combination.

A recent study was conducted where participants were asked to stare into the mirror for 10 minutes in a dimly lit room. The results were shocking. 48% of the participants saw a monster; 28% saw people they never knew before, and 66% saw a huge deformation of their face.

5. Facebook causes depression

While Facebook is for social interaction with friends, family, or colleagues, which is meant to make your life better and happier when you are distanced from the people you love.

Facebook makes people depressed. An increase in Facebook usage is linked to depression, according to a study released by the University of Houston and Palo University in 2015.

This is because people compare their lifestyle, their relationships, and their personal lives with people’s lives on Facebook.

Instead of Facebook being the social app where people connect with others, it became a place where people compete with others about who has a lot of friends, who have many accomplishments, best profile picture, and who is having a lot of fun.

People who have emotional difficulties are susceptible to emotional difficulties because of Facebook’s social comparison.

When we compare our life to our Facebook friends who only post their achievements, it makes us feel worse about our life. What makes this fact creepy is that Facebook is aware of it.

6. iPhone users think differently about themselves 

This is not a creepy psychology fact but a Wtf psychology fact. With the new technology age, smartphones have become an extension of people’s personalities.

iPhone users think they are better than most. They also think that their phones represent their social and economic status, which makes them more extroverted and self-conscious, according to a psychological study by the University of Lincoln in 2016.

They wanted to understand if there’s a link between users’ phones and their personalities. iPhone users also try to look different from others, but on the positive side, they are more open.

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