6 Effective Ways To Find The Motivation To Study

 It’s hard to find the motivation to study a subject when it’s hard to understand, boring, or complicated. It’s an issue all students and readers face in their journey. Some subjects are hard to study and thinking about it only will lose you all your motivation.

You will find the motivation to study more if you start studying. The motivation you get to study more comes when you start studying and realize how hard you are studying. In short, you find the motivation to study more from studying, not from other sources, which may give you the motivation to study, but the motivation won’t last long and will be ineffective.

6 Effective Ways To Find The Motivation To Study

I used to clean my study desk, turn off my phone to avoid distractions, and listen to music before studying to calm my mind. But when I start studying, it only takes 15 minutes for my mental state to change. The same scenario happens with many people, but I found a solution to it. Here are the 5 effective ways to find the motivation to study:

1. Find ways to enjoy the subject

Here are the two main ways to find enjoyment in the subject you are studying:

• Understand the subject

The main reason that makes students lose their motivation to study a subject is that the subject is hard, not enjoyable, and boring. But when you find different ways to understand a subject, you will enjoy it and become motivated to study and learn more about it. I used to lose all my motivation for school during physics class, but after I understood it. I started enjoying physics class more than many subjects. No matter how hard you think your subject is, there’s a way to understand it. Thanks to the internet you can find many explanations on YouTube and Google that are clear. When you understand the subject, you can enjoy studying it, which will give you the motivation to study more. The goal is to find ways to enjoy the subject because you will face less resistance when studying what you enjoy. 

• Make competition

Competition increases motivation and excitement. Make a friendly competition with your colleagues. Set rules and make sure your colleagues agree to them. The excitement to win will drive you to find ways to study the subject. You study to pass the exam and also win the competition.

2. Challenge yourself

You will be intrinsically motivated by challenging yourself to break your study limits. If you are a person who rarely studies, challenge yourself to study regularly. If you always study for 2 hours, challenge yourself to study for 3 hours. The better version of yourself is a person who knows how to find the motivation to study hard and overcome all the resistance. Think like the better version of yourself. What will the better version of yourself do if he/she has no motivation to study? You will find solutions through such questions which will motivate you to study more.

3. Remember your goals and promises

Think about your goals and the promises you made. That’s where you find the reason to study. Remember that these goals are affected by your studies. Think about the promises you made to important people in your life. When you remember these promises and goals, you will be filled with the motivation to study hard, think positively, and find solutions to the problems you have. 

4. Reward yourself

Rewarding yourself after studying for some time is a good way to feel motivated. This method is used by many people and it’s becoming old and ineffective. But I made some small changes to it. Most students will reward themselves after studying for 30 or 45 minutes, which is good. But reward yourself for breaking your limit of studying. If your limit in studying is 4 hours, reward yourself with something great after studying for 4 hours and 15 minutes. Through this method, you will find the motivation to study, and you will study more, which is great. 

5. Think about the results

Thinking about results will give you the motivation to study. No one wants to fail and everyone wants to pass a test. Think about how it will feel if you pass with high marks and how will your condition be if you fail. Both options can motivate you to study.

6. Don’t think about motivation

This is an effective way that makes you study more. You change your perspective on studying. Don’t wait for motivation to study; just start studying. This is effective because if you study only when you feel good, you won’t study effectively. In some cases, you don’t need any magical tricks or powerful tips to find the motivation to study. You only need to overcome the resistance you are facing. Being bored and unmotivated, minor distractions like phone notifications and junk thoughts, and tempting thoughts.

For example, if your exam is in the next week. A week to prepare for an exam is a long time. You will face resistance when studying in the form of thoughts like “I’ll read tomorrow”, “7 days is too much, I’ll read on the 6th day”, or “I’ll read later” All these thoughts will stop you from studying if you listen to them. The remedy for these thoughts is to continue studying. If you read more than 3 articles on the topic of motivation to study, just know that your mind is finding more ways to distract you from studying. The only way to solve your motivation is to stop doing anything not related to your studies and start studying. After 30-40 minutes, you will realize that these thoughts are distractions. You will thank yourself for choosing to study. 

Final thoughts

Finding motivation is hard when studying, but the above ways will help you find the motivation to study. Good luck with your studies. 

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