6 Tips to Help you Live a Better Life

 Living a better life in our current time is what most think about.

You see people on social media posting pictures with smiles on their faces, in the most beautiful place in town, and with one of the best quotes on the internet.

It makes you feel like you are behind in life or like you are not living a better life.

But how do you know that you are living a better life? You are living a better life when you reach a point in life where you don’t compare life with others; you have a better mindset; you know yourself; your heart is free of grudges, hatred, etc.

The core changes in your life that lead to a better life aren’t externally but internally. If you want to become financially better, you’ve got to change your mindset first.

You can’t live a happy life if you are controlled by what others say, not trying to let go of the past, always worrying about the future, comparing your life with others, or hating on others’ success.

6 Tips to Help you Live a Better Life

If you want a better life, you have to change your mindset to better it. Living a better life doesn’t mean wearing new fancy clothes, posting the best pictures on social media to show that, or changing your looks. It starts with your mindset.

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Here are tips to help you live a better life:

1. Stop being controlled by what people say

Nothing stops progress in your life more than people’s opinions. Everyone has something to say about anything. If you care about what people say or what they will say, this will stop you from chasing your dreams, doing new things, and getting to know more about yourself and your abilities. You are controlled by others if you always care about what they say. If someone insults you and your mode changes, or if they say you will never get that job and you start thinking maybe they are right because you think you are not enough or other negative thoughts, you believe in. You will stay in that zone without doing what you want to do or making the move that will better your life.
To stop being controlled by what people say, realize that no one knows you more than yourself. Not your mother, brother, or closest friend. It’s wise to seek advice from friends, family, skilled people, or those who know you better or can do things better than you. But when it comes to final decisions, it must be you making it. If you are the only person who knows yourself and what you love or can do more than anyone, why do you let others decide for you or let their words stop you from doing what you want?
Seek advice, but be the decision-maker in your life. Stop always caring about what everyone says because everyone has something to say about anything you do. You will go mad trying to please everyone.

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2. Stop comparing yourself

Social media comparison affects your happiness and causes depression. People no longer compare themselves with people in real life but on social media. Social comparisons have a huge effect on the quality of your life. It’s great when you see someone dressing better than you and decide to change your dressing style. But when you always compare yourself with others, you become happy and satisfied when you look the best, but unhappy and unsatisfied with your situation when someone is doing better than you. There will always be a person who has a beautiful smile than yours, someone who dresses better than you, someone with a better pose, someone smarter than you, someone with more followers than you, etc. Just like you apply the best filter for your social media photos for the sake of social media perfection, not because you will naturally do that. Other people on social media do the same. Social media ugly truth is that; some people look beautiful because of the filters, some are faking their lifestyle, some post happy pictures with the widest smile on their faces but are living in depression and sadness, some have fewer followers and friends on Facebook but have many friends in real life. Social media life is not real life.
To live a better life, stop comparing yourself with people on social media and in real life. Choose to be better at something, not because you will become better than someone else, but because you want to become better.
Don’t waste your life impressing others.

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3. Live the moment

You don’t enjoy the present moment by thinking about your past or worrying about the future. You learn lessons from your past; take these lessons to make a better future. But all the practices are done in the present. If you had a great moment yesterday but spent the whole day thinking about how great that moment was, you missed what today offered you. If you are always thinking about your last year achievements, you will never do something new this year. If you are worried about the future, know that worrying doesn’t change or solve anything. Learn lessons from your past to avoid repeating them; talk about the good memories you had, plan the future you want. But remember, no matter how bad or good your past was, you can’t live a better life there. If you spent yesterday thinking about how great today will be, don’t waste today thinking about how great tomorrow will be.
You only live a better life in the present.

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4. Free yourself from regrets and grudges

One of the things that lead to self-hate is regrets and what kills you internally is a grudge. Regrets can damage your mental health and cause anxiety, a chronic feeling of sadness and dysphoria, shame, and anger. Learn to let go of regrets and grudges. You live a better life when you are not chained by your regrets.

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5. Follow your dreams

Now that you broke the mental chains that are stopping you from living a better life, it’s time to do the things you enjoy and love. If your dream is to become a doctor, a successful entrepreneur, etc take a step that will take you close to achieving your goals regardless of what people might say. Taking the path to achieve your dreams is the only path where you find many obstacles to stop you, but you won’t let these obstacles stop you from completing your path. The pain of regret is harder on the mind than that of failure. Do what you love, pursue your goals, and learn to forgive yourself and let go of regrets.

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6. Help people

Genuinely helping people gives you a special feeling that achievement can’t. I write articles and post quotes on my Facebook page. Sometimes it gets a lot of views and likes, which amazes me. It amazes me more when I get a genuine comment about how the article or the post was helpful. In your free time, genuinely help those who are in need, and the feeling you will get after realizing that your words or service made someone’s day better.

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