7 Effective Tips To Help You Become A Better Version Of Yourself

7 Effective Tips To Help You Become A Better Version Of Yourself

Ever questioned yourself, like what can I do to be the best version of myself? Or how can I become a better version of myself? If you did, you’re 1% better for questioning your mind to see ways. I identified 9 effective ways to help you become a better version of yourself.

Tips number 1, 3, and 5 are the most important tips because they are mentally trained tips. If you understood and implied them correctly, the other tips will become your habits.

1. Be you and forget trying to be the best version of yourself 

A recently good question “What can I do to make sure I am becoming the best version of myself?” was asked by a user on Quora, Pausha Foley, who has Ms in psychology gave an opinion and said “Become yourself and Stop trying to become the best version of yourself. To become the best version, you have to know what the best version is. Since you are, presumably, not being it right now, you have to imagine it. Fantasize it.” she’s right.

You probably don’t know the best version of yourself, nor at which age you will become. Your mind only imagines and designs the perfect you, which is the wisest you, the most intelligent you, the happiest you, or whatever your mind imagine. It’s an illusion saying you will become the best version of yourself because life doesn’t stop teaching and showing you new things. What you can become is a better version of yourself.

Trying to become the best version of yourself, which is perfectionism, can lead to depression, anxiety, and negative self-talk resulting from crashed expectations of you not performing the best. Life is a continual process of learning instead of trying to become the best version of yourself, which is an endless loop, try becoming the better version. 

List down the things that needed to be changed to ensure becoming the better you.

If you are a Student: work on how to improve your grades, learn how to beat procrastination.

In your Relationships: improve your communication, emotional support, humor, respect, and understanding level.

You: Read books, study your perspective, get rid of your bad habits, improve your self-talk, build your self-confidence, etc.

There are a lot of areas you will always need to improve at, don’t multitask, you will end up doing nothing instead prioritize. For example, if I’m a student. I’ll first learn how to improve my focus or beat procrastination, then see which subjects I’m poor at. Working with steps will save you time and put you ahead.

2. Explore yourself

When you are you and not trying to be someone else, start exploring yourself. You may have a talent or a hobby you didn’t know. In this journey, you will love yourself more, know more about yourself, and become a better version of yourself.

 Becoming a better version of yourself isn’t a goal you need to always focus on, but a beautiful journey where you enjoy your present while creating the future you want.

3. Just Start

Just start! If it’s starting a YouTube channel, a website, or anything you want to start, do or pursue, just start even though you are not an expert or don’t have full knowledge about it. 

Before starting this website, I only had 4 article ideas to write about, sure I know little about Google SEO, content writing, deep research, etc. I only had experience and a different perspective. If I waited to have 50 article ideas and waited for the time I become a professional content writer and in-depth researcher, I would end up writing nothing because of my excuses. Instead, I wrote the first four blog posts, which were good but weren’t arranged in a good way (I will rate it 3/10).

Always remember that you may not be where you want now, but you can always start.

4. Take a picture of yourself

When you start a new project or working on a new goal, make sure to picture your thoughts, your perspective, and other related things (I recommend writing them in your notebook).

Months ahead from where you started, you will admire how far you’ve changed and evolved. This will motivate you.

5. Have the beginner mindset

 A beginner mindset is a mindset that’s ready to learn new things, accept new perspectives, the one designed to become better. As I explained in the first two tips, be yourself and forget perfectionism, start where you are, then have the beginner mindset. Be confident but not arrogant, always ready to learn from mistakes.

6. Reach out to others

Reach out to influential and powerful people you admire But don’t write things trying to get attention, be genuine.

7. Share your experience

Sharing your experience and the things you learned reflects who you are. You may write in your notebook or share it through Quora or in Facebook groups.

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