7 Interesting Psychology Facts about Love Everyone Should Know

Psychology Facts about Love

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Love is mysterious and complicated in a way that science can hardly explain. Researchers wanted to know the secret to a happier life. In 2015, they collected data from a 75-year study on the lives of 268 people and the answer was love. Love changes us and makes us do things we never thought about. Love can heal, love can transform, and love can destroy.

Here are the 7 interesting psychology facts about love to help you understand more about this amazing feeling.

1. Your brain falls in love quickly

The psychology behind why most people care about the first impression or giving their best in the first moment of meeting new people is because love happens quickly. Women know if there’s any potential for a long-term relationship after a conversation for 34 minutes. Most people think it takes weeks or some months to fall in love, but that’s not true. Studies show that the brain needs an hour to fall in love and only five minutes in rare conditions. A strong and long-lasting love needs time to grow, develop, and become strong. But to fall in love, your brain needs a short time. 

Also, a study shows that if you are the person who always texts first, there’s a 90% chance the other person is not interested in you.

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2. Love relieves physical pain

According to a new Standard University School of Medicine study, love acts as a painkiller. Holding the hand of someone you love can reduce physical pain, stress, and fear. Love is mysterious in a way that looking at the pictures of someone you love can change your mood. Thinking about someone you love activates the reward area in your brain, which is the same feelings you feel when you win a lot of money, or the same feelings you feel when you take cocaine. It’s the same feeling when you think about someone you love. Your brain releases oxytocin when you hug someone you love for more than 20 seconds, making you trust that person more. It’s hard to be angry at your love for a long time.

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3. Love is amazing

Love gives us that amazing feeling that no one can describe. Poets, songwriters, and artists over time were trying to find that one word that could explain love, but they didn’t because it can’t be described by words. The University of California conducted a study on couples who are in a romantic relationship to find out if couples’ hearts beat at the same time. They found that both hearts beat at the same time. More than that, your eye pupil dilates when you look at someone you love. 

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4. Love is painful and addictive

Addictive like cocaine and other drugs. Love and pain blend in your brain, causing an increase in pain perception. Just like love can give memory no one can erase, it also gives pain most people can’t heal. Love creates physical pain that doesn’t exist. This is known when your heart is broken. You can feel the pressure and pain in your heart, but physically, your heart is not broken. Passionate love is like an addiction to cocaine. Your brain loves to love, and it craves for it, but when it’s taken away, it causes emotional stress. That’s the reason break up raises the risk of depression.

A new study shows that men feel more emotional pain after break up than women, but they don’t show that.

Research has shown that extremely emotional stress caused by breakups, divorce, physical distance, or the loss of a loved one can cause physical pain in the heart. This condition is known as Broken Heart Syndrome. Women are more like to experience this than men.

5. Love can transform your brain

Love can completely change us. Some people become more creative in their arts, thoughts, and words. This is because love inspires creativity and changes how we think by stimulating our creative thoughts. Love shapes the way you analyze and process emotions and experiences. This is seen in the artists and singers who present beautiful and amazing creative thoughts out of love. An artist can present an average drawing when he doesn’t love what he is drawing, but creativity rises when it’s drawn out of love. The same concept applies to everyone in love.

6. Love like humor and conflict

Humor shows that a person has an agreeable and sociable personality. Studies show that a great sign for a romantic relationship between two strangers is when a man’s joke makes the woman laugh more. A relationship is more likely to grow stronger when couples spend at least 10-15 minutes a day laughing together. Conflict creates interest, curiosity, and passion, which are linked to love in a relationship.

7. Relation between love, attraction, and friendship

Love changes how we see others and view them as perfect, ignoring all the imperfections in them. It’s impossible to stay a friend with someone you love, no matter how much you convince yourself to stay a friend. Crushing lasts only for four months. A crush that lasts more than that indicates that it’s love. We tend to mimic the person we are attracted to. Mimicry is a sign of attraction. The more you think or talk about that person you love, the more you fall in love with her/him. 

Other facts 

1. Most break up in a new relationship happen in the first 3 to 5 months of the relationship.

2. Survey shows that 23% of the couple who meet online end up marrying.

3. A recent survey made shows that 52% of women say that their husband is not their soul mate.

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