7 Small Changes That Can Improve Your Life

It’s the small changes that you apply to your daily life that ends up improving your life though these changes are underrated. 
small changes like:
• decreasing the time you spend on the phone before sleeping can improve your sleep quality.
• A simple exercise or meditating can improve your mode.
• Taking some time off social media and creating real connections with people can improve your social skills.
Most people ignore the fact that it’s the small changes that contribute to big the big improvement in your life. Some of these small changes may not work with you, but they will give you a glimpse of how small changes can improve your life.

The 7 small changes that can improve your life:

1. Include One Personal Task In Your To-do List 

We are caught up in our daily work life or business, working on our goals, trying to be ambitious, or improving ourselves, that we forget some little things that can impact our life. Adding calling your Mom or Dad, or going to the gym, or catching up/calling or chatting with an old friend you didn’t talk to for weeks or months can improve our mood and relieve our stress because some of these conversations remind you of the old good days and memories. It’s always such things that I always forget and end up leaving it for another day. Adding it to your To-do list can impact your day. 

2. Create A New Album & Name It Admiration

Create a new Album in your Gallery and name it Admiration, praise, or anything word that suits you, and every time someone (a friend, your boss, or one of your employees) compliments you through emails or other social media platforms, screenshot it and add them to the new album. This one serves you the best when you are feeling down, unworthy, or undeserving. Take a look at these genuine compliments. These compliments will remind you of your self-worth and prevent you from being hard on yourself.

3. Never Go To Bed Angry

A precious piece of advice I got especially about relationships is to Never Go To Bed Angry Or Mad On Your Love. I know it’s easier said than done but ignoring the problem will fuel it.

4. Silent Your Phone And Put It In Your Pocket

Especially when you’re with your friends, family, or on a date. Try giving your attention at that moment.

When working with your computer, place your phone on the table screen facing down. I know it’s hard to ignore your phone when a notification pops up while studying or on your computer screen, no matter how much you resist, you’ll end up grabbing your phone and spend like 20-40 minutes just scrolling, watching videos, or chatting with friends (speaking from experience).

These micro distractions decrease your focus and productivity. Silencing your phone and placing it on the table screen will impact your life.

5. Plan Your Tomorrow

This one improved my life a lot as a content creator because don’t have to spend 10-15 minutes thinking about which article I have to write about or at which time. We all have to work some days a week, study, cook dinner, etc. Planning out your tomorrow organizes your day and maximizes your productivity as a student, an employee, a young entrepreneur, or a businessman/businesswoman.

6. Spend Some Time Alone

Though it’s ignored by many people, it helps when time is tough. Spend 10-15 minutes by yourself doing nothing but appreciating the blessings in your life, or listening to your favorite songs, or walking. It’s what we don’t get enough of these days, we have phone calls and texts, watching YouTube videos, talking to our partners. We feel like we don’t need that, but sometimes it’s what we need.

7. Place Your Alarm Away From Your Bed

It solves the problem for people like me who used to turn off or snooze their alarm 5 to 6 times, sometimes you turn off the alarm subconsciously. Placing the alarm away will force you to wake up and be conscious.


The 7 small changes that can improve your life:
1. Include one personal task in your To-do list.
2. Create a new album and name it Admiration.
3. Never go to bed angry.
4. Silent your phone and put it in your pocket.
5. Plan your tomorrow.
6. Spend some time alone.
7. Place your alarm away from your bed. 

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