9 Best Quotes Pages on Facebook That Can Change Your Life

Quote - Everything has a beauty, but not everyone can see it.

Positive quotes have a special effect on how we think and on our mood. There are times when we are stressed, feeling down, unmotivated, and uninspired. It’s these positive quotes that make us feel good, motivate us, and teach us. I’m grateful to all the admins of these pages for taking some time of their day and enlightening people’s day with the motivational, inspirational, and wise quotes they post. Following some of these quotes pages on Facebook helps me a lot because I don’t have to search for motivational or inspirational quotes on google every time in a while. I’ll give a short description for each page I mention. These quotes pages are enjoyed and liked by thousands of people.

Here are the 9 best quotes pages on Facebook to follow:

1. Wisdom Leaks 

Wisdom Leaks is one of the best quotes pages on Facebook with over 1 million followers. I admire the type of quotes it posts, the fonts of the quotes, and the background picture. Just like its name, it posts wise quotes, inspirational quotes, and attitude quotes. If you love quotes or want a daily dose of wisdom, consider following Wisdom Leaks.

2. Lucky

With over 900k Facebook followers. This page post daily inspirational and attitude quotes. It posts 1-2 a day. If you are going through an emotionally hard time and need quotes that will help you overcome this difficult moment of your life, Lucky is the perfect page for you. Also if you love inspirational quotes with the perfect background picture, consider following Lucky.

3. High Target

It’s natural to feel unmotivated if you are a big dreamer or chasing a long-term goal. High Target provides motivational quotes with a luxury car picture as a background for hustlers, entrepreneurs, and businessmen. If you are focused on building a luxury life or becoming rich then High Target is for you. 

4. Peaky Quotes

Peaky Quotes post inspirational and strong attitude quotes with Thomas Shelby as a background picture. This page doesn’t post quotes from the Peaky Blinders show, but it posts attitude quotes. If you are a fan of Thomas Shelby or want to strengthen your attitude in life, then consider following Peaky Quotes.

5. The Joker Quotes 

The Joker Quotes is a quotes page with over 1.1 million followers. This page posts quotes for a broken heart dealing with pain that most can’t see. It doesn’t post Joker quotes but Joker as a background. If you are a person who is healing from heartbreak or like quotes with Joker as a background picture, The Joker Quotes is for you.

6. Motivational Vibes

It’s a motivational quotes page with over 1.6 million followers. Just like its name, it posts motivational and inspirational quotes to help you in your way of achieving your goals. 

7. Life Mello

With over 1 million Facebook followers. This page focuses on providing positive attitude quotes and inspirational quotes. If you are on a self-improvement journey and willing to learn more, then consider following Life Mello.

8. Fearless Motivation 

Fearless motivation offers both motivational quotes and videos. It’s not a quotes page, but if you want to improve yourself and go to another level of motivation (hustle culture) then follow it. I don’t recommend this page to all, but take a look at it and decide if you want to follow it.

9. Thinking Minds

Thinking Minds is one of the best inspirational quotes pages with over 8 million followers. The number of followers can tell you why I recommend this page. This page posts different inspirational pages that most pages don’t. It posts movies quotes, inspirational quotes, and motivational quotes. 

These are the 9 best quotes pages I know on Facebook and following some of them. Honestly, the quotes these pages provide have made a positive change in how I think and see the world. There are a lot of awesome quotes pages on Facebook that I may not know. If you know a good quotes pages you want to recommend to others, contact us or list them in the comment section. I will review the page and update this article. Share, you don’t know who you are helping.

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