Are Motivational Videos Bad: The Truth

 Are motivational videos bad? A question debated by many people and reached no agreement. If you search on Google The benefits of motivational videos, you will get tons of articles giving you positive facts about motivational videos, why you should watch them every day, and how they can lead to success.

For me, since I’m not the type who watches motivational videos (because I don’t need it, but that doesn’t mean I hate them), it’s just an article full of bullshits. But if you read these articles, they are accurate about motivational videos and the good it does. But that doesn’t mean motivational videos are just good.

On the other side, if you search why motivational videos are useless, you will find many reviews and all are facts. But do all these facts tell us that motivational videos are bad?

Are motivational videos bad: the truth

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Before judging from one side, let’s summarize the benefits of motivational videos and how it helps, and the bad side of motivational videos. After that, the answer will be clear.

How motivational videos help

When you watch a motivational video and it doesn’t give you the results you were expecting. You will judge it as bad. But if you search on YouTube, you will find tons of these videos, viewed by millions of people. Some people love motivational videos and here are the benefits people get from watching motivational videos:

1. Motivational videos inspire and motivate

It’s the primary benefit of watching these videos. When you are unmotivated and uninspired to do anything. Motivational videos can inspire and motivate you in a way no one could. Most people who are reading this probably have watched many motivational videos. It’s a fact you can’t deny. Since we don’t have the button for turning motivation on or off, we look for it. Motivation is important in life. When you get it, you use it to drive yourself to a better place. 

Are motivational videos bad: the truth

2. Motivational videos spread positivity through you

Even if you don’t like motivational videos, if you are put to watch one without clicking off the video in the first three minutes, you will feel some positivity flowing through you. It’s these words you hear that ignite the positivity in you. With a positive state of mind, you can do greater things. Everyone loves positivity, being around that genuine and positive person who gives you a better view and feelings is what most people long for. Motivational videos change a mind state to positive and give positive feelings, that’s why there are millions of people watching motivational videos on YouTube and other social platforms. This is one of the benefits and why motivational videos are loved by many.

3. Motivational videos can push a person to start

Many people have a limited view of the world and themselves that stops them from trying new things; they may be good at it (sounds motivational). You will not know if you are good at something until you try it. It’s after trying it that you get the feeling that you can get better at that or like it immediately. Without motivation, most people can’t move themselves to start a new project or complete the goal they’ve been working on. Motivational videos solve that problem, perfectly. When you watch a motivational video, it feels like you can do anything you want to do in this world and no one can stop you. Even if you tell yourself some encouraging words, they can’t give you the mental push motivational videos can give you. If you can start right after you watch a motivational video, then that’s great. Though it wasn’t designed to be like that, I’ll further discuss this in motivational videos’ negative side.

There are many minor benefits of motivational videos, but the above 3 benefits can summarize all these benefits. Let’s know the other side of motivational videos in how motivational videos are bad.

Are Motivational Videos bad: the truth

How motivational videos are bad

If you watched a motivational video and it gave you a good feeling, you will approve that motivational videos are good. But this naive thinking isn’t right. here are the facts that make motivational videos bad:

1. Motivational videos sell you an illusion

It sells the illusion that everything is possible in life. A person after watching a motivational video will come out filled with fake confidence and the illusion that he can do anything then runs out of that confidence after minutes. Everyone has something that separates them from others and it’s by following these things that they become great at it. Motivational videos sell people the illusion that you can become a billionaire or a millionaire.

You will watch these motivational videos on YouTube with catchy thumbnails telling you “Getting rich is easy”, ” Stop putting limits on your mind”, and other illusions that look like good advice. If we are critical, not everyone finds satisfaction in owning a business or becoming a leader. Not everyone finds satisfaction and meaning in what everyone wants. But that doesn’t mean if you don’t watch motivational videos, you don’t want to become rich or be great in what you love.

Are motivational videos bad: the truth

What’s more annoying about motivational videos is that the speaker who says “It’s easy to become a millionaire” isn’t a millionaire, and they say it in a simple way that sounds easy. If people could easily become millionaires after watching these videos, then all the editors of the video and the speaker assistant would have become millionaires. I can guarantee that the richest people like Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, and Bill Gates don’t waste their time watching motivational videos to become richer. They are out their solving problems.

I explained here – Why discipline is better than motivation 

2. Motivational videos makes you an addict

When you watch five motivational videos and feel great. The other day you watch the first motivational video but don’t feel great, go on to the next recommended video, and still, there’s no great feeling. If you pause what you are doing here, you will get some facts about motivational videos. 

Motivational companies are aware that motivational videos are addictive. They intend to make it like this. Every time you watch a motivational video, you get the rush of dopamine through your brain. After some minutes, these feelings die. You become unable to start on that heavy task, but because your brain loves feeling good. You watch another motivational video to feel good. After some time, these good energies disappear. You start feeling guilty and saying negative things to yourself. You get back to your addiction and this endless circle continues until you realize that motivational videos don’t motivate you. It makes you an addict.

3. Motivational videos are full of lies

Just like I explained above, people who know only 5% of something talk about it with full confidence. Everyone can be given a script full of good words to preach it, even if it’s “You can become a millionaire in 90 days” (you can search on YouTube and get them). At the end of the video, seduce the viewers into courses filled with the basic knowledge that everyone can get on Google.

A video of Charlie Munger on YouTube [The link] where he explained how these fake gurus in their motivational video mislead people on purpose by selling them a product that won’t make them rich. Honestly, I loved his opinion on these fake gurus.

 Motivational videos are another level of lies. 80% of what you hear are just crafted words that the speaker can’t do. Someone saying he’s a lone wolf, wake up every 5 AM, exercise, think positively, don’t quit, etc. At first, you will believe what they are saying. Honestly, these things aren’t what makes a person successful. That’s one of the reasons it’s bad.

4. Motivational videos don’t make you successful

One of the reasons people watch motivational videos is because they want to become highly successful. Motivational company (that produce these videos) with it lies present themselves as the answer to success which is false.

When you fail, a motivational speaker tells you to never quit and get back on your journey. But to succeed when you fail, you take a moment to reflect and know, why did you fail. Doing the same thing and expecting different results is the wrong way to succeed. When you fail and look for motivational videos, they tell you to get back and keep on. This is because unskilled people who didn’t succeed in that business are telling you to keep on.

Are motivational videos bad: the truth

If highly successful people and great thinkers reached where they are by watching motivational videos, they would have preached motivational companies every day in their speeches.

There are a lot of reasons why motivational videos are bad. I stopped watching motivational videos and I know many people who don’t watch these videos but still are achieving great things. 

The final decision to if motivational videos are bad 

Motivational videos are not bad, they are useless. They sell viewers the illusion and lies of success and motivation. It causes negative self-talk due to comparison and the addiction to more motivational videos. 

What to do instead

Instead of wasting time listening to a fake guru who doesn’t know what you are doing. Follow people who are successful in your career. When they tell you something, they say it out of experiences and what they learned. I’m a part-time blogger and I follow successful bloggers who know about what I’m doing, and some of their stories motivate me. I don’t depend on that at all, but it’s just great to surround yourself with successful people doing the same thing you are doing. 


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