Confidence vs Ego: Which one do you have

Between confidence and ego, there’s always a fine line differentiating both of them. Confidence and ego are both wrapped in the same clothes. That’s why from a distance it’s hard to differentiate between them.

Your confidence comes from your belief in your ability to achieve or do something, while the ego wishes to achieve something with full assurance. The ego doesn’t know thyself, but wishes with certainty, while confidence knows and assures thyself because it believes in its ability and has faith in thyself. 

Confidence vs Ego

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Both confidence and ego emerge from the same place “your experience”. 

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When you overcome something you are going through, you gain confidence from this experience in yourself to overcome any similar event. Your inner self gains ego, which is confidence but seeking validation, attention, and praise. Your ego always wants to be the right person and does anything to look right. Here’s a comparison table of Ego Vs Confidence.

Confidence vs Ego

1. Confidence assures thyself to overcome a situation and accept mistakes and failures.1. Ego assures thyself to overcome a situation and is always right.
2. Confidence attracts people and doesn’t seek validation, attention, or the right to always be right. It accepts mistakes, helps others get better.2. The ego seeks validation, heroic worship, attention, and the right to always be right, even if it’s wrong. It does anything to get what it seeks, even in the wrong way.
3. Confidence attracts people in its natural state. People are naturally drawn toward confidence.3. The ego in its natural state pushes people away. That’s why it always has to put some makeup on to bring people too close before it shows its real face.
4. Confidence plays the hero side of the story and wins people’s love.4. The ego plays the victim side of the story since all it needs is validation and the world’s attention.
5. Confidence is good, can get better, and doesn’t care to try more.5. Ego in itself thinks it’s enough, perfect, and is able from the first try.
6. The more confident you become, the calmer and more silent you become.6. The more egoistic you become, the louder you become.
7. Confidence compares thyself with thy present version. It doesn’t think it’s better than anyone but can always do better.7. The ego thinks he’s superior and better than anyone else. It compares thyself with everyone.
8. Confidence raises thyself value by working on thyself.8. Ego raises thyself by lessening the value of others.
9. Confidence accepts correction and grows and becomes stronger through failures, which eventually leads to its success.9. Ego doesn’t accept correction, failure, and always wants to succeed.
10. Confidence knows he’s not always right, and he’s not always wrong. It makes logical decisions according to the situation.10. The ego is always right and others are wrong
11. Confidence works on things he can control.11. The ego always complains about things that can’t be changed.
12. Confidence is calm and courageous from the outside and strong from the inside.12. The ego is full of insecurities from the inside and sounds superior to the outside. 



Ego Vs Confidence table

This comparison table is enough to tell you about ego and confidence. But let’s get deeper and know the comparison and difference between an egotistical person and a confident person. It’s hard to know if a person is being egotistical or confident since all have the same brazen attitude. Many people act out of ego and concept it with confidence, which is wrong. Everyone who has gained self-confidence through a tough time will create an ego inside them. Confidence in itself is conscious of its belief in its ability and faith in thyself, while ego is confident but unconscious about thyself, which forms another image extended from confidence. To get the difference better, here is the confident person vs egotistical person table:

Confident people vs Egotistical people

Confident peopleEgoistic people
1. Confident people compete with themselves and don’t always compare themselves with others or tend to humiliate others to gain some self-worth.1. Egotistical people are always in competition with others; that’s why they tend to humiliate and downgrade oters to give themselves the feeling of being higher.
2. Where there’s confidence between each in a relationship or a friendship, the bond grows stronger.2. An egotistical person can end a relationship or a friendship and weaken the bond that took time to form.
3. Confident people don’t care too much about what others say or think.3. An egotistical person always has the fear of being judged for failing or not doing good, as most of them are judgemental.
4. Confident people prove their worth, among others, by what they do, not what they say they are going to do.4. Egotistical people tend to talk more about themselves in a group or a team to be seen as important or beneficial to others (while they may downgrade others).
5. Confident people accept their mistakes and become stronger and more confident with failures.5. Egotistical people are badly hurt when exposed, told the truth, or fail.
6. Confident people pursue whatever they desire, even if they might fail on the first try. They are confident in their ability to recover from that failure.6. Egotistical people don’t always start things; they might fail at first in it. With their high ego, they think they know everything, enough, and don’t ask for help.
7. Confident people help themselves and others too.7. Egotistical people serve themselves only and think of themselves.
8. Confident people tolerate situations and take accountability for their mistakes.8. Egotistical people have no tolerance for situations and always blame others.
9. Confident people are loved by their nature.9. Egotistical people are hated by their nature.
10. Confident people don’t look for praise from others.10. Egotistical people are always looking for praise from others.
Confident people vs Egotistic people table


We all have egos inside us. You are not your ego. Ego can do more damage to relationships and friendships. It’s something we all regret later. It’s important to have confidence in yourself, but don’t buy into the misconception that ego and confidence are the same. Confident people are awesome and we are drawn toward them, while egoistic or egotistical people tend to drive people toward them.


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