Do Motivational and Inspirational quotes really help | The good and the bad side

 Motivational and inspirational quotes are both good and bad.

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If you said motivational quotes are BS and don’t help. Take two kids with low self-esteem who failed in school, leave the first without saying anything and tell the other he can do better (or any motivational speech), then see how the other kid performs better than the first. People fail in things they do and in this judging world we are living in, not all are mentally strong to face all the criticism and tell themselves to try better the next time. Motivational quotes help in reviving hope and enhancing mode, giving you back the motivation you had when you started. Not all people who read motivational quotes are sitting on the couch waiting for motivation to start something. Some are living the life they won’t wish for others. Their dream is not to get a fancy car or that new expensive phone. They want their situation to be better emotionally, mentally, and financially. If you think motivational quotes are not helpful, you are only seeing one side of the picture, the same if you think it’s 100% helpful. The motivational quotes on social media are not 100% helpful, some are toxic. Motivational quotes lift us when we are down and they have a lot of benefits on our life.

Benefits of motivational and inspirational quotes:

If you read daily motivational quotes before you go to work or before you go to bed, you will see some improvement and improvement in your life, and they are:

1. You become proactive

You seek solutions to problems rather than criticizing. Motivational quotes help in shaping your subconscious to think proactively, which increases your problem-solving skills. You take initiative action and learn from your mistakes. If you failed at something, drowning down in your thoughts and feeling down is what most do. Reading motivational quotes can make us feel good and face problems with a better mindset.

2. You become more courageous

Being able to stand up for that danger or take the move most people are afraid of is what motivational quotes add to your personality. Before starting my self-improvement journey(being introduced to motivational quotes). I was afraid to do things others didn’t do because it may fail and what others might say if it failed. We don’t know the thing we are good at until we try it. Unlike in movies where you fall in front of the crowd (if you are good at singing), hold the mic, start singing and the crowd starts amazingly looking at you. In reality, it’s disappointing. Even if you are good at singing (and you know it) you will start bad and with people’s feedback, when your song sounds like shit, you will quit. Motivational quotes can light your mind, making you try better. Motivational quotes help you to follow your dream, even if it’s a dream others don’t believe in or think it can’t work. You will be able to stand up for yourself, even if you are alone.

3. Your self-confidence and esteem increase

This is what I love about motivational quotes. Years ago, I had no belief in myself or my ability. My self-esteem was low, and I had low confidence in my ability to do better. Now I have a big page on Facebook, started some websites, and YouTube Channel. Reading motivational quotes helps you in taking action and, with doing, you start proving yourself to yourself, which builds your self-confidence and esteem.

4. You become more mature

Inspirational and wise quotes play a huge role when it comes to maturity. When you read a wise quote addressing a certain problem, you start looking at things in different ways. You realize you are not always right, which is a problem we all face. Just like inspirational quotes inspire you to do something new, they also shape your subconscious to think in a better way. Internal conflicts between us and our family or friends are not solved by the same way of thinking that caused it, but by thinking in a better way.

Motivational quotes are useful when you are taking action, willing to improve, know why and what you are doing. 

How some social media motivational quotes are toxic

Some pages post toxic positivity shaming people for working 9-5 even though it’s what they love and saying resting is for losers. There are a lot of negative things that will happen to you:


It starts with self-comparison. A person who ain’t making $5k a month posting quote with a successful personality picture in the background telling you to follow your dream, be a lone wolf, wake up at 5 am, don’t give up, don’t quit, etc and all these toxic quotes can make you feel worthless, and never enough leading to depression. To social media pages that post toxic motivational quotes, you are never enough. The truth is, these page owners aren’t doing the things they post. They do that to gain attraction. Read how inspirational quotes become a whole industry.

Also, read why motivational quotes are bad.

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