Fix the lack of motivation in 6 ways

 Being unmotivated or having a lack of motivation is frustrating, especially when you have goals to work on or tasks to complete. Motivation isn’t constant; it rises and drops. In some situations, you will completely feel unmotivated to do anything. This results from reasons like crushed expectation and unexpected results, too many mistakes, and being overwhelmed. All these reasons and more causes the lack of motivation.

Fix the lack of motivation in 6 ways

There are many ways to fix the lack of motivation which I’ll cover in this article. You can’t be motivated all the time, but you can understand when and what causes your motivation to escalate. You can also do specific things that can fix your lack of motivation for a short time because that’s all you need to start and complete many tasks.

Fix lack of motivation in 6 ways:

1. Enjoy the journey rather than the destination

Everyone can set a goal that excites them. This excitement can fill them with the motivation that pushes them to start. But during the journey or the process, they will lose all the motivation they had when they started. Instead of enjoying the goal more, start enjoying the journey that will help you achieve your goal. If you want to become a doctor, engineer, or successful entrepreneur, it will take time and your motivation can’t last that long.

You can fix the lack of motivation here by enjoying the journey and that includes your career subjects, overcoming difficulties you face, and the little details that make your goal different. When you shift your focus from the goal to the process that will help you achieve the goal, you will get rid of the feeling of desperation. This will fix your lack of motivation to continue working toward achieving your goal. All the highly successful people focus on the process and enjoy it because their goals are long-term goals.

2. Take action 

Most people wait for motivation to do something to reach them, then start working on that thing. This is wrong. The action comes first, then the inspiration and the motivation to do more come second. If you are feeling unmotivated to read a new book, you don’t need motivation; you need to take action. If you start reading that book, its content will amaze you and give you the motivation to continue reading or to complete the book. This can be applied to many similar situations where your motivation to do something is dead. 

3. Remember the purpose

The best way to fix your lack of motivation. Our mind loves doing easier tasks than hard ones. That’s why it’s easier to stay in front of the computer watching YouTube videos or playing a game than to do any hard task. Your mind doesn’t need any motivation to do an easy task but loses all the motivation it had in hard tasks. You can fix the lack of motivation you feel in that situation by remembering why you started working on your goals or the purpose of all your work. An effective way is to write down these reasons. The more reasons you have you write down, the more feeling of motivation you will get. When you have enough reason to start working on something, nothing can stop you from starting. The reason you started working on that goal is either negative or positive.

Negative reason: your situation or the place you will be in if you don’t achieve the goal.

Positive reason: what will it feel like when you achieve the goal.

All these reasons are connected with your goal and they are enough to fix your lack of motivation.

4. Control your expectation

Our expectations control our motivation to try again when we fail. Crashed expectations cause a lack of motivation. For example, if you started a new YouTube channel and your expectations for your YouTube channel to succeed from the first video are too high, but your video didn’t get any views. You will lose all the motivation you had, and it will be difficult to record a new video.

We add many tasks to our to-do list and expect ourselves to complete them all, but end up completing a few. It’s a dangerous game because when you add many tasks with high expectations and don’t complete them, your subconscious mind types you as a person who doesn’t complete tasks. Set realistic goals and control your level of expectation. When you add tasks you can complete and complete them, your subconscious mind types you as a person who can complete tasks. By controlling your expectation, you won’t be disappointed or lose all your motivation when things don’ go the way you want.

5. Think about the impact

No matter how different your goal is, it will positively impact the lives of people when you achieve it. If you are a medical student who’s unmotivated to study, then think about how you will help many sick people when you graduate. Even if your goal is to buy that fancy car, think about how you will motivate and inspire people who ask about your story of how you made it. By getting outside your mind, you gain back your lost motivation. 

6. Pause to refresh

Too much work and lack of rest can cause a lack of motivation and can be fixed by taking a pause. If you are working so hard and not getting enough sleep, it’s time to take a short break to refocus and refresh your mind. You can do easier tasks in your break time if you want to. 

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