Hard Work In Silence Success Makes The Loudest Noise

Hard Work In Silence Success Makes The Loudest Noise

Just like Lions don’t attack in silence, the biggest and the most important moves are made in silence. Not all people can do their hard work in silence because they are seeking validation and attention from others. But this decision comes with its negativity. Research reveals that making your goal publicly known before you start working on it reduces the chance of you achieving that goal. Only a few people are willing to work hard, take losses, and accept rejections in silence without making them loud. Sometimes the real hustle isn’t when people are around; it’s when you are alone.

Benefits of Hard Work in Silence

Working hard in silence can be frustrating because you have to celebrate yourself, clap for yourself, and accept failures without others knowing, but it comes with many benefits.

Here are the benefits of hard work done in silence:

1. The success noise is loud

It surprises people when you work hard in silence and make the result do the noise. Most people will underestimate you when you are working and moving in silence; that’s why some people speak highly about their goals and how superior it’s. The reason they speak with all this confidence is to shut people’s mouths, but it doesn’t.

When you work hard in silence, though others are underestimating you, it makes you mysterious to them, and when your results speak. It shuts their mouths and gets all their attention. Just like in most high schools, the most brilliant student isn’t the one who always speaks loud, but the one who’s always silent, attentive, and works hard in silence. Hard works and moves done in silence have the loudest result because it’s mysterious, not expected, surprises people, and gets many people’s attention.

Make moves in silence; let your results make the noise.

Make moves in silence; let your results make the noise.

2. It makes your goal more achievable

When being serious about a big goal, the first rule is to not announce it. When you work hard on your goals in silence, you are intrinsically motivated and don’t depend on people’s wishes to keep you going. Your goals are more achievable when you are motivated intrinsically, not extrinsically. Announcing your goals on social media or telling people you know decreases your likelihood to succeed, but most people think doing the opposite increases their likelihood to succeed. When you tell people your big goals and people cheer you up. It satisfies your brain into thinking that the goal is achieved, hence dropping your inner motivation and the strong urge to achieve the goal because according to your brain you’ve already got your prize.

When people can’t do something by themselves, they will try to tell you You Can’t Do it. Especially those with negative intentions who don’t want to see you succeed, they will continue to attack you mentally with their negative words and stories. But when you move in silence, people don’t know what to attack. Also, you can be able to turn their negativity into fuel to push you harder toward your goals. The best thing about working hard in silence is you listen more to yourself because you spend much time with yourself.

3. It makes you stronger

The strongest people are those who can heal themselves without making much noise. Working hard in silence won’t make you successful earlier than others, but stronger than most. The strongest people are those who had to take most of the roads alone. The hard work you do in silence makes you a thoughtful person due to the amount of time you spend with yourself solving problems, coping with work stress and anxiety, planning, and appreciating yourself.

4. It increases your self-confidence

When you learn how to fix your problems and overcome difficulties by yourself, you don’t just make yourself stronger but build strong confidence in yourself.

Tips to help you in succeeding 

If you are working hard in silence toward your goals, you might be facing a difficult time because it’s not easy to work hard in silence.

Here are some tips to help you in your success journey:

1. Clarify Your Vision

No one thinks or knows your goals better than yourself. Begin with the end in your mind and have a clear vision of yourself and your destination. With outside negativity and doubts, the only thing that will keep you focused on your goal is your vision. When your future doesn’t show, your past will. Stick to your goal and remember why you started.

2. Make a plan

Hard work is great, hard work in silence is greater, but if you aren’t working at the right thing then your hard work will go for nothing. Make a plan that will make you succeed, then follow that plan with all your heart.

When you fail to plan, you decrease the odds of your success earlier. Have a clear plan for what you want, break your ultimate goal into small goals, then start working on these small goals. When you complete some of these small goals according to how you planned. This will increase your enthusiasm to continue on this hard path and with each goal you complete or with every problem you solve, it increases your self-confidence and motivation to continue making you unstoppable because you don’t need people motivating you. You got it all inside.

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