How can Motivation help you achieve your Goals in 6 Ways

 To work toward achieving any goal or objective, you need a reason. Motivation is always the major reason to work toward a goal. Without the motivation to become a better person, people won’t work on themselves because there’s no reason to do so.

Motivation increases the positive energy in a person, which pushes them to start working on a goal and becoming better, as it increases the focus that keeps a person’s mindset on the goal during the process of working toward achieving the goal.

How can Motivation help you achieve your Goals in 6 Ways

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People are intrinsically motivated to do something (motivation that comes from inside) or extrinsically(motivation from outside factors). When you are motivated to work on your fitness, you are intrinsically motivated because the motivation to become fit comes from the inside. When you are motivated to work because of a reward, you are extrinsically motivated because the motivation to work comes from outside.

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It’s the motivation that helps a person start and work on something. Here are the 6 ways motivation can help you achieve your goals:

1. Motivation pushes you to start

No matter how impossible your goal is or how negative people’s comments are if you are motivated to work on your goal, you will start regardless of the obstacle. Motivation enriches your vision and fills you with the positive energy to turn your vision into reality. There are situations where no one believes in your goal and in your ability to turn your vision into reality. All the feedback you get is about how your goal is impossible and you can’t do it. Your motivation can stop these negative thoughts and make you start, and the secret to crossing miles toward your goals is getting started.

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Learn to use motivation when you are feeling down or can’t start. A single spark of motivation is enough to push you to start. Everyone has a different source of motivation. You can easily find your motivation when you think about your goal and what made you start working to achieve it.

2. Motivation can bring out the best version of yourself

When someone is highly intrinsically motivated, they can do amazing things. An intrinsically highly motivated person who’s motivated because of a better life can sleep for fewer hours and wake up motivated to work. Motivation can make you cross your limits. Your surrounding will always put limits on you and say things about your capabilities. You are not the type who succeeds; you are not the type who can achieve such goals. All these limitations can be broken by enough motivation to pursue your authentic self.

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Use this benefit of motivation to make you better at something you like. If you want to gain muscles, but you are tired and not feeling like going to the gym. Think about how it will be when you gain muscles, the power you will feel, and how you will look.

3. Motivation increases focus

How successful people can stay committed to their goals and don’t change their road is because they are motivated and know their vision. Motivation increases your focus on your goal when it’s getting weaker due to distraction. When you remember your goal and what it will feel like when you achieve your goal, you will feel motivated, which will feed your focus and get you back on the road to success.

4. Motivation helps you overcome failure

Failure is inevitable when working to achieve a big goal, as it’s a part of the success and not the opposite. Learning from failures and correcting the mistakes you made is one of the important things that lead to success. A positive mindset can learn from failures in difficult situations as motivation can feed a person with positive emotions that can turn into positive thinking. It’s difficult to process emotions when you failed and realize that all the hard work and dedication you put in was for nothing.

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Use your motivation at that time to gain positive emotions, to overcome negative emotions. For example, if you studied so hard to pass a test and failed. You feel desperate and will be frustrated because all the time you studied and the pressure you put on yourself to study didn’t pay off. Some negative thoughts like you are not enough and you can’t pass the test will start creeping to the surface. But if you start thinking about how it would be if you passed the test, you will start feeling positive emotions.

These positive emotions will change your mindset to a positive mindset. Instead of seeing yourself as a failure who didn’t pass the test, you will see yourself as a person who has some experience and knows more about the test. Instead of thinking about the hard work that didn’t pay off, you will start thinking about your wrong answers and how to correct them. 

Motivation will give you positive emotions that can change your mindset to positive in a time of failures and make you overcome these failures.

5. Motivation increases your productivity

How high your motivation is can make you do more than most people. If you are highly motivated to lose weight, you will visit the gym more and be willing to replace bad habits with good habits. How motivated you are to achieve your goals and how eagerly you want to achieve your goal can be seen in how hard you are working and your productivity. At work, employees’ productivity is increased when they are motivated with a reward for getting something done. When motivation is increased productivity rises.

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Use motivation to increase your productivity to its highest level. Before you start, feed your motivation and you will see a spike in your productivity. How productive you are is more important than how hard you are working that’s why smart work can beat hard work.

6. Motivation makes you complete

Everyone can start working on their goal. The real challenge is to overcome all the difficulties you face during the process and complete the journey you started. After many failures, the enthusiasm you had may die and the level of motivation will drop. The best part about motivation is you can learn how to regain it and how to keep it despite failures. When there are no signs from outside, you depend on your motivation, vision, and mindset to keep you going. Motivation can enrich the vision and can give a positive mindset. They are the important thing, you want to overcome challenges and achieve your goal.

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