How do motivation and emotion affect perception

 Perception is how we view, understand, and believe things to be without knowing the truth about it. We see and judge everything based on our perception, which is created by our experience and other factors like attitude, motives, and expectations.

Motivation and emotion are closely related to each other. Motivation and emotions affect one’s perceptions where it changes from negative to positive or the opposite by affecting a person’s decision in a certain situation. 

How do motivation and emotion affect perception

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Motivation always pushes people to start and gives them the positive energy to admire the thing they want to start working for. Motivation does that by changing a person’s perception of how they view a certain thing to a positive perception.

In school, work, and business, people might have no interest in working or starting but start working hard and effectively after being given the motivation which touches their emotions and affects their perceptions. While motivation affects perception for some moments, emotions affect a person’s perception and decision in a broad way that may lead to change in a person’s behavior.

Motivation and emotions are what advertisers use to make their advertisements effective. To explain how emotion and motivation affect perception, I’ll be using advertisements as an example.

Does emotion affect perception?

When a person’s state of emotions changes (from negative to positive or the opposite) it changes perception which leads to a change in perspective and affects a person’s behavior, decision, and mood.

Emotion is a part of us, and it affects most of the things we do. Everything is connected, and with a slide change in emotion can change how we react to a situation. Advertising companies use emotions to win customers. Advertisers create brilliant and inspirational ads that win customers and increase sales by studying their targeted customer’s emotions, perceptions, and motivation. The type of emotions a customer feels when they see the product; their perception of the product and how it benefits them, and what can change a customer’s mind to buy the product.

The goal is to change the emotional state of the person seeing the ad, which changes their perception and leads to a decision based on that perception. That’s why brilliant ads have a specific color, text fonts, and words. They use public figures who are loved to present the product. This strategy is smart but costly. Since people have a motivational perception of that public figure which originates from their emotions, they make decisions based on that perception which is buying the product.

We make decisions with the help of our emotions. If people make decisions after thinking only, they will spend a long time creating hundreds of scenarios until they reach the perfect decision. Our feelings solve that problem by choosing without interpreting.

How does motivation affect our perception?

Motivational quotes or videos are words aimed at changing our internal perception. Motivation gives us positive energy which changes our perception of things (changes our thoughts) which leads to change in our actions. When people are bored, lazy, or can’t find the motivation to get a job done, a little change in their perception of the job can change their attitude and give them the motivation to get the job done.

If a person has a negative perception of something, their attitude toward it will be negative. The words we read or hear affect our thoughts which affect our perception. This can be seen in an unmotivated person who doesn’t want to do anything, who watches a motivational video; then after that, you see the change in their attitude toward that certain thing.

Since we view everything in the world through our perception, our actions and behavior can be changed by changing our perception. 

More about perception

Two people looking at the same thing will have different perceptions about that thing. If you brought a school bag to students and told them to describe it. Some will start describing it with its color. Some will start describing it with its size (big or small). Some will start describing it based on its use. What we perceive more becomes our perception. Our desires, surroundings, and expectations affect our perception.

If you are surrounded by people who always talk positively about things, act positively, and are kind. Your perception of other people will always be positive. Even when people do you wrong, you will try to understand and think positively about them. If a person was surrounded by people that couldn’t be trusted. That person’s perception will be different and he will hardly trust people. Here, perception affects individual decisions.

When we expect a certain result from something, our perception of that thing is either negative or positive. When we expect, we have already made a decision based on our perception of that thing, but we wait to confirm that decision.

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How are emotions and motivation related?

Motivation and emotions are different, but they are closely related. Both can effectively influence behavior that leads to action.

Most people think motivation is an emotion, which is wrong. Motivation acts as a force and energy to direct behavior, while emotion is a subjective experience that is characterized by a mental state.

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Anger changes your behavior negatively, just like motivation changes your behavior positively. Excitement to finish can motivate you to work hard. Inspiration can motivate you to become better. This can give you a clear difference and relation between motivation and emotion. Motivation mainly drives us toward achieving a goal while emotion causes feeling.


Motivation and emotion are seen as the same thing, but they are different, though they are closely related and can affect perception. It’s important to know your perception. Perception is not reality. Perception-based on emotions can lead to irrational decisions; that’s why it’s important to know how emotions affect perception.

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