How to Be Motivated to Become a Better Person

 The intrinsic motivation that pushes a person to become a better version of themselves always leads to a positive outcome. Intrinsic motivation in life is very important because it doesn’t drop easily. Intrinsic motivation (a motivation that comes from inside) alongside discipline can lead to success.

Build new habits, learn and try new things, develop your character, and help others. These tips will motivate you to become a better person because they are linked to your intrinsic motivation.

It’s important to know what keeps you motivated because motivation can easily drop and rise.

How to be motivated to become a better person

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For example, your motivation will rise when you see a good and useful habit that will make you a better person. But when you adopt a new habit, it replaces an old useless habit you had. It’s when you want to adopt the new habit that your motivation drops and you will be magnetized by the old habit. If you replaced that habit with anything that motivates you to become a better person. You will realize that this scenario happens with many people. Here are the 4 tips to help you be motivated to become a better person:

1. Set goals

The first goal you have to set is to become a better person. This goal can be divided into:

  • Becoming mentally and emotionally better
  • Becoming socially better
  • Becoming better at a certain skill
  • Becoming a better father/mother or brother/sister

Setting goals will make your destination (becoming a better person) clearer, which will increase your motivation. Include other important goals that can improve your life because when you become a better person you will perform better at many things which will help you live a better and happier life.

2. Take actions 

Becoming a better version of yourself won’t be achieved if you are lazy and always procrastinate. There are moments when we wait to feel motivated to take action. Such a habit is bad and doesn’t get a person anywhere. If you want to become motivated to become a better person or do anything, you have to:

  • Stop waiting for motivation to take action. Instead, take actions to feel motivated. The more right actions you take, the faster the results will be, and the more motivated you will be to take more actions.
  • Be willing to take action and overcome the resistance, no matter how unmotivated you feel. Create healthy habits and be disciplined about these habits. 

Taking action to become a better person or version of yourself can solve your motivation issue. If you are a procrastinator or a lazy person, you have to beat the rationalization in your head through your actions.

Some of the actions you have to take to become a better person are:

  • Exercise or join the gym to become physically better
  • Learning new things to refresh the way you think and increase your motivation
  • Read self-help books to change and upgrade your mindset
  • Spend some time with yourself (meditation) to analyze your thoughts and increase your self-awareness
  • Work on your self-esteem and self-confidence
  • Actions that will improve the important skills you need at the workplace
  • Engage in social events to increase your social skills and create new networks.

All these fundamental actions are important to help you become a better person. You will be motivated to take more action when you start. I would recommend reading self-help books after you take any other actions. Because self-help books will give you the feeling of accomplishment and motivation to read more, though you are not making any improvement. You can read How to win friends and influence people after you engage in some social events.

3. Give more focus to the process and less to the goal

The major mistake people make when working on their goal is that they give all their attention to the goal only.  You will feel motivated and happy when you think about how you will be when you become a better person or version of yourself. But the more you give your focus to the goal, the less you will interact with the process.

Less interaction with the process will give fewer results, which will make your motivation to become a better person decline.

Increase your motivation using these 3 tips:

  • Take your time and think about who you will be when you become a better person because it’s enough to motivate you to start. Write this goal down.
  • Make plans to reach your goals. This will help you have clear steps of what you need to take to become a better person, which will increase your motivation.
  • Take action and enjoy the process. For example, you decide to join a gym to build a strong body, after some weeks you find out that you enjoy lifting weights because it gives you a sense of power. You will be motivated to go to the gym because you enjoy the process.

This goes with reading books and other goals. Enjoy the process of becoming a better person, because that’s how you enjoy your life and it will increase your motivation. If you don’t enjoy the process of becoming a better person, then you are wasting your time doing something you dislike. No matter how hard the process is, there’s something you can enjoy about it.

4. Read the struggle stories of your favorite celebrity

Celebrities can influence your life and motivate you. One of the struggle stories that motivated me to become a better version of myself and desire to achieve great things is Cristiano Ronaldo’s struggle story. I also enjoy Keanu Reeves’s struggle story. Reading a story of a person who had a difficult past, but was able to overcome that situation will increase your motivation to become a better person and achieve great things.

Highly successful people didn’t achieve their greatness easily. They faced failures, critics, and resistance. Some had a bad childhood or a traumatic childhood. But despite all these things, they became highly successful in life. These stories can make you look at your life and realize how blessed you are. It can shut down the excuses you use to deceive yourself.

Last Words

Deciding to become a better person is great. Motivation comes before you start and when you put in the action. Upgrading your mindset and changing your perspective and views about the world through reading self-help books and watching inspirational videos is great. But take action first to feel motivated; then after that, you can read books and watch videos to get extra motivation.  

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