How to Become a Highly Motivated Person in 6 Steps

 If you want to achieve a big goal or your life goal, you will need a high level of discipline and motivation because achieving these goals will take months or maybe years.

The motivation you get from motivational videos or quotes only lasts for some minutes, while the motivation you get when you become excited about your goals may last for some days or weeks.

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How to become a highly motivated person in 6 steps

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Motivation is important, but it can rise and drop repeatedly. If you always watch motivational videos or other external sources of motivation to get motivation, you will waste your time looking for motivation instead of taking a step that will take you closer to achieving your goal. The only solution is to build a highly motivated version of yourself, which I’ll cover with details in this blog post. How to become a highly motivated person in 6 steps:

1. Identify the main purpose of your goal

Every goal has its WHY, and it’s the reasons you tell yourself that automatically set your level of motivation. This can be explained by three points:

  1. If the purpose of your goal is to see yourself in a better place or make your parents proud, your motivation will be high and it will last long because every time you look at yourself or your parents you will see the reasons why you need to work to achieve your goal.
  2. If the purpose of your goal is to get money, you will be highly motivated, but your motivation will not last long because you are extrinsically motivated. As long as you get the money, the motivation will fade. It will rise only when there’s a good reward (money). A reward system is good for motivation, but when it comes to big goals, you shouldn’t depend on it.
  3. If the purpose of your goal is not clear or you don’t know it, your motivation will be low because there’s no good reason to push yourself to work on that goal. You work on that goal because you are forced, or it’s your duty.

An example of this can be seen in students who have zero level of motivation to study a subject they don’t like or understand its benefits. They study it because they are forced by the school system to study it.
If the prime purpose of your goal is a reward like money, you have to shift your focus to something you will gain from the process. For example, your goal is to make your business successful, and the purpose is to make a huge amount of money. You have to shift your focus from the money you will make to the person you will become when you achieve your goal. It includes your mindset, how you view business and life, and the experience you will have. It’s a smart way to change the type of your motivation from extrinsic to intrinsic.

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2. Identify what intrinsically motivates you

Many factors promote motivation and it can be an intrinsic or extrinsic factor. To become a highly motivated person, you have to focus on your intrinsic motivation. I’ll use a footballer as an example to explain the type of motivation, in short:

  • A footballer who plays football because of fame, money, or praise is extrinsically motivated.
  • A footballer who plays football because he/she enjoys playing football is intrinsically motivated.

Everyone can relate to one of the factors of intrinsic motivation. Knowing the factors you relate to is important in understanding yourself better and useful in building a motivated version of yourself. The factors of intrinsic motivation are:

  • Curiosity
  • Improvement
  • Competition
  • Fantasy
  • Challenge

Many people relate to challenge, improvement, and curiosity. However, it’s important to analyze yourself and point out the factors that promote your intrinsic motivation.

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3. Create a good plan

How you plan your goals is how you build a structure for the success of your goals. Before you start working on your life goals, make a plan. When you plan your goals, you will have a clear map in your mind which will contribute a lot to the process of you being a highly motivated person. Planning will get rid of all the possible minor distractions you will get in the future and it enriches your vision.

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4. Feed your focus

Highly motivated people have a high focus and can work on their goals with a high focus for a long time without losing it. When your motivation declines, it affects your focus. No matter how highly motivated you are, you will be distracted and lose your focus. Don’t dive into the distractions you face trying to control them, but feed your focus. When hunting for a big goal, you will find many distractions in life. Feed your focus with the positivity you find in positive quotes, success stories, and meaningful conversations with people who have big goals. In your free time, feed your mind with the positivity you find in positive quotes because it will feed your focus, increase your motivation, and keep you going forward, no matter the setbacks.

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5. Practice discipline 

With discipline, you can create healthy habits and achieve big goals. By being disciplined to the above 4 steps, you can teach your subconscious mind the habits of a highly motivated person and make it type you as a highly motivated person. This is the final step in your frame when becoming a highly motivated person. Programming your subconscious mind is important, which is done through repetition. If you repeat what unmotivated and lazy people do, your subconscious mind will type you as an unmotivated person. You teach your subconscious mind through repetition. Here’s what you need to repeat to program your subconscious mind to become a highly motivated person:

  • Identify your WHY, and remember it monthly
  • In each task you are working on, identify your intrinsic motivations and use it wisely
  • Remember your plans to get rid of internal distractions like negative thoughts that might drop the level of your motivation.
  • Feed your mind by learning new skills, having meaningful conversations, surrounding yourself with highly motivated people with goals, reading books and quotes, and watching success stories.
  • Repeat

When you complete all the above steps, your level of motivation will increase. It will keep on increasing as you will be developing habits of highly motivated people. The last step is to step outside your boundaries.

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6. Motivate and inspire others

Highly motivated people are known for the good vibes they give. If you are unmotivated and surround yourself with highly motivated people, you will become a highly motivated person. This is because of the words they say, the actions they make, and the vibes they give. You don’t have to open a motivational page on Facebook or talk motivational words to everyone you meet. But when someone’s motivation is low, listen to them, validate their struggle, then give them some words to boost their motivation.
Also, around friends and colleagues, be the person who adds something inspirational to the conversation. 

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