How to Build a Better Version of Yourself in 7 Steps

There’s a special point in our lives when we become aware of our flaws, habits, and effects on others. It’s the point where we choose to make great positive changes in our lives. All these positive changes contribute to building a better version of yourself. To become a better version of your authentic self, you have to build that version of yourself. It requires consistency, faith, and sacrifices. 

How to Build a Better Version of Yourself in 7 Steps

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There will be unexpected changes in the process of building a better version of yourself, but change is essential in this process. You have to be comfortable with the changes and disturbing emotions you will face. Many minor things will help you build a better version of yourself, but there are major things that will help you become the better version of yourself.

Here are the steps to build a better version of yourself:

1. Set realistic goals and stick to them

If you don’t have something you are committed to, you will waste your time on social media, procrastinating, and other things that don’t contribute to your growth. Building subconsciously unhealthy habit is what you do when you have no goals. Having realistic goals and sticking to them gives meaning to life. No one will set a goal to become poor or fail an exam. Every goal will have a positive impact when achieved. That’s why having life goals is important. In the process of achieving your life goals, there are important improvements that you will see in yourself:

  1. You will break some bad habits and create new healthy habits.
  2. You will be flexible and accept changes.
  3. You will become independent when you learn to depend on yourself for the sake of your goals because your goals are yours.
  4. You will become mentally stronger when you stop caring about the negative things people say and overcome most of the negative thoughts in your head.
  5. You will live a meaningful life.

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Avoid setting goals that most people set because these goals don’t help in building a better version of yourself and you don’t need to become the better version of someone else. If you know that someone else’s goals will positively affect you, you can set goals as theirs. Before setting goals, ask yourself a question, such as what important goals will help you build a better version of yourself? When you finish writing down your goals, you have to stick to them.

2. Turn loneliness into solitude

There’s something special about the time you spend with yourself. It’s the only time where your thoughts are 100% yours; you learn more about yourself, and you don’t have to behave as others want. Most people feel lonely when they are alone, mostly because they don’t love themselves. People use social media to avoid feeling lonely. Don’t distract yourself to avoid feeling lonely, turn your loneliness into solitude. Solitude is when you enjoy your alone time without feeling lonely.

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There’s nothing wrong with being active online and talking to people, but don’t do that to avoid loneliness. The time you spend in solitude is very important in building a better version of yourself. Solitude is important for these reasons:

  • Solitude increases your stress management skills.
  • Solitude increases your sense of self.
  • Solitude improves your focus, which is important when working on big goals.
  • People who enjoy solitude make more logical decisions.
  • Solitude increases your gratitude, which improves your relationship.

Great leaders and people with brilliant minds enjoy the time they spend with themselves. Most of the great thoughts come in silence when you are alone and calm. 

3. Learn new things and feed your mind with positivity

The better version of yourself is the new you with a new mindset and way of thinking. To build that version of yourself, you have to learn new things, try new habits, and do new things. That’s how you explore life and learn more about your abilities and talents. Living inside the box and not knowing what you are capable of is a waste of time. Learn new things and adopt new habits in your life. In the process of becoming a better version of yourself, you will face many negativities:

  • From the inside, which includes negative emotions and thoughts.
  • From the outside, which includes failures, others’ negativities, and disappointment.

These negativities will stop you from becoming a better version of yourself. But you can prevent that by feeding your mind with positivity. You can feed your mind with positivity and learn new things in these ways:

  1. Read self-help books and listen to podcasts.
  2. Surround yourself with people who have the same goals as yours and those who are better than you.
  3. Watch the success stories of influencers you admire (your favorite footballer, artist, etc.)
  4. Meditate or practice mindfulness.

When you learn new useful things, you will become mentally and emotionally stronger, which is essential when building a better version of yourself. Becoming mentally strong will help you live a peaceful life.

4. Improve your physical and mental health

Your mental and physical health is important. A person can be happy and enjoy life though he/she has physical disabilities because of good mental health. Being healthy physically will help you live a good life. You can improve your physical health using these ways:

  1. Join a health club
  2. Exercise 
  3. Sleep well
  4. Eat healthy diets
  5. Build healthy habits 

The better your physical health, the fewer health issues you will have.

Mental health is also important in building a better version of yourself. A healthy and strong mind will help you overcome most of life’s problems, make you more productive, and help you achieve your goals. Being mentally strong and healthy increases your happiness in life. Here are the tips to help you become healthier and stronger mentally:

  1. Practice gratitude, forgiveness, and letting go
  2. Work on your strength and try new experiments
  3. Exercise your mind and embrace misfortune
  4. Challenge yourself
  5. Overcome your fears

Imagine how stronger you want your mindset to be, then do whatever you can to reach that level.

5. Develop your emotional maturity

Being emotionally mature improves your communication skills and allows you to manage your emotions under any circumstances. Lack of emotional maturity can destroy relationships and friendships. Anger and other negative emotions can cause great damage in your life if not controlled.

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For example, anger can make you make emotional decisions and do bad things. Fear can stop you from enjoying your life. Sadness and loneliness can make you reconnect with toxic people you cut out of your life.

A better version of yourself should be emotionally mature to manage these emotions. These emotions last for a limited time and it’s through managing these emotions (instead of them managing you) that you become proud of yourself and increase your emotional intelligence.

Most people avoid their emotions and think they are emotionally mature, which is wrong. You can’t enjoy and live your life fully if you only want to feel positive emotions. Positive emotions make us appreciate life, and negative emotions give us lessons and make us wiser. Don’t let emotions affect you. Feel your emotions because they are a part of you.

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It’s impossible to avoid negative emotions when working on your goals. When you fail, you will be sad or angry. The decisions you make will be based on your emotions. That’s why you have to learn to control it, know what triggers it, and manage it. Here are the tips to help you develop your emotional maturity:

  • Recognize your negative emotions and what triggers them.
  • Set boundaries and manage your relationship with others.
  • Accept yourself and increase your self-awareness.
  • Learn to let go of your past.
  • Be responsible for your life, choices, and decisions.

Being emotionally mature and intelligent will help you live a peaceful and successful life.

6. Build a strong network and develop your social skills

No one knows everything in this world. That’s why it’s important to have friends and good social skills. We are social animals and most of us work in groups.

People who don’t have good social skills are difficult in groups because it will be hard to communicate and cooperate with them. Add social skills as a layer when building a better version of yourself because it makes you go far in life, establish strong friendships and relationships, and understand others more.

Your social skills will play a great role in your journey toward success. Without good social skills, it’s hard to build a strong network.

Your network is your net worth. How you impact the lives of people in your society through what you say and do determines your net worth. If you use your social skills effectively and build a strong network with professionals in your career, you will learn more and become highly successful faster.

People who have a strong network have a win-win mindset. Having a strong network doesn’t guarantee your success, but you will go far in life. Here are some tips to help you develop your social skills:

  • Engage with others.
  • Improve your listening skills.
  • Create win-win situations.
  • Use social networks.
  • Become a connector.

People who have a strong and useful network and good social skills can find valuable opportunities in life faster.

7. Identify your motivations in life

Motivation is important in life because it helps you to achieve your goals and live a purposeful life. Your motivation to become a different version of yourself is important; your motivation to become confident in yourself is also important. That’s why it’s important to identify what keeps you motivated and how to keep yourself motivated. Use this knowledge effectively to achieve your long-term goals. Identify both your intrinsic and extrinsic motivations, then focus more on your intrinsic motivations in life. Intrinsic motivation comes from inside and extrinsic motivation comes from outside (rewards).

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