How to Improve Facebook Motivational Quotes Page in 8 Ways

To improve your Facebook motivational quotes page, you have to increase its value, post unique content, increase page engagement, post-high-quality content, beat the Facebook algorithm by avoiding some mistakes, and grow a strong fan base. 

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Your page engagement and reach may be dropping that’s why you are looking for ways to change that result. From a person who grew a motivational page from zero likes to 900k likes, I’ll tell you real ways to improve your Facebook motivational quotes page.

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Here are the 9 ways to help you improve your motivational page:

1. Don’t be a clout chaser

Don’t post quotes just to get likes and shares, but post to describe your own experience. A page that always posts for likes or comments has a weak fan base, though it has a lot of followers. I have seen motivational pages with 30k followers having high engagement than pages with 100k followers. I loved the small page because its content was great, unique, and the admin gives his views. If you want to improve your motivational page, improve the content value.

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2. Create a group for your page

Facebook groups have better engagement than Facebook pages. Create your page group and post consistently on it, not only as a page but also as an admin. Share your group post to your page to increase group members and share your page post with the group to increase your engagement. You can add some of your page followers as a moderator to help you run the group in approving posts. 

Creating a group for your page is good because the page group grows faster than a page. A motivational group page grows faster than the page because it satisfies the need of someone to explain what he/she is going through or went through. 

Facebook page group is where the admin meets the page fans and engage with them. If your motivational page is great, then most of the page fans may have some curiosity to know more about you.

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3. Post unique contents 

Post quotes or videos that are great but not popular or posted on big motivational pages. it’s a great way to increase your page followers and page value because you give them a good reason to follow you (which is the content your page post is not available anywhere).

Having a nice logo and choosing the best background picture for the quote is important, but the quote you post is the king. What catches the eye of the page visitor is the quote background picture and the page profile, but the quote you post makes them like your content, share it, and follow the page. Be specific about the quote you post. 

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4. Increase value through scarcity

Be valuable, not always available. Don’t post 5+ posts per day. When you post unique content. Increase your motivational page value by creating scarcity. This will let your page followers crave more content from you. With this strategy, you also increase your fan base. Post 5+ a day if your page is new.

But remember, you are not a celebrity. If the Facebook algorithm decided to reduce your page reach due to your page inactivity, you will have to put in extra work to get back to the normal reach. 

The Facebook algorithm can be simplified. All they want is to keep the user on Facebook for a long time, that’s why they show contents which are popular, funny, or interesting to the user. If you post content regularly that gets many shares, people comment on it and click it more than other posts. The Facebook algorithm will like your page and push it to more people. The Facebook app page on Facebook has more than 191 Million likes (at this time) but gets a low engagement compared to a celebrity with 5 Million page likes. This is because the algorithm doesn’t care about the brand or the organization i.e. if it shows the Facebook app page contents to a new user, most of the users will ignore it, making Facebook a little bit boring. If they recommended a public figure page content to a user who likes that public figure, the user will react to the content and may share or comment on it.

Don’t get surprised when you see a similar motivational page content doing better than yours and start working on your page to give the Facebook algorithm the impression that your page deserves more reach.

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5. Have a high engagement

If your page has low engagement, you will lose followers. Ensure doing anything to increase your page engagement. Avoid doing anything that hurts your engagement and reaches like sharing low-value content. 

Increase your engagement by sharing the page posts to popular groups and your page group. There are many motivational groups on Facebook with different keywords. You can try keywords like Quotes, motivational quotes, Inspirational quotes, Joker quotes, Best sayings, etc. 

Take 30 minutes of your day searching for different groups. With the above keywords, you can get more than 30 Facebook motivational groups.

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6. Post a high-quality content

Posting high-quality contents separate you from other pages and it’s great for the algorithm. Most motivational pages post picture quotes saved from Facebook. Facebook lowers photo quality. If the picture quote you want to post has low quality, recreate it with a new high-quality background picture.

The best app to get high-quality background pictures for your page:

Pinterest: The quality of Pictures on Pinterest is HD and 4k. If you don’t have Pinterest on your phone, I would recommend you install it on your phone. Pinterest pictures will take your page to another level.

Instagram: The second best app to get HD images. The best thing about Instagram is you can follow hashtags and get a daily new HD and 4k images on your feed. 

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7. Don’t be repetitive

Don’t repost the quote picture that had high engagement and reaches before two days again. Instead, ask yourself why that post had more engagement? When you get your answer. Go on and create a better post. This is how you keep on staying on top. To get this better put yourself as a fan of your page. Will you like to see the same post you admired last week again? For sure, you won’t love it and sometimes you may unfollow it.

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8. Partner with other quotes pages

Instead of sharing other pages’ content or saving it then uploading it. Reach out to a similar quotes page and tell them the idea of partnership. You share their page content and they do the same. You may specify some days of the week and which post you want to be shared. This will increase both page reaches and engagement. It’s a Win-to-Win agreement. If your page average post likes are 300. Reach out to pages with 200 likes or 400 likes on an average post. Don’t go to big pages getting 1k likes and when you both level up you can see other pages. Avoid partnering with many pages that you share more than 5 posts per day from other pages. 2 posts shared from other pages is good.

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Have patience

Growing pages takes time. This is one of the facts you need to accept. No matter how many strategies, tips, tricks you implement on your page, it will take time to grow big. If you followed all the above 8 ways, have patience. Your page will flourish, but it will take time.

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