10 Simple Proven Ways to Motivate Yourself

Motivation gets you started, but what keeps you going and what makes you self-motivated that you can start anything you want without the need to always listen, read, or watch a motivational speech, quotes, or video?

If you decided to work on a project or a big goal before you start and in the first days you will be fully motivated and that’s natural.

The real test is how to keep the same vibe and interest you had when you’re working for several weeks or months without getting the results you expected before you started.

10 Simple Proven Ways to Motivate Yourself

At some point, we all lose our motivation but remember motivation pushes you a little harder or gets you back your speed when you’re slowing. what keeps you going is your habit.

Here are the 10 proven ways to motivate yourself:

1. Set a big goal that scares you and excites you at the same time

You’re more likely to lose your motivation a little earlier when your goal doesn’t excite you or when it doesn’t challenge you because that’s where you prove yourself.

If your goals don’t get you excited, be excited about how you will feel when you achieve the goal you’ve been working on.

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2. Remind yourself why you started

The best way to stay motivated through your journey is to remind yourself Why you started.

If your goal is to buy that car you love, or own a house, or become an engineer, or buy that new phone. Whatever the reason, thinking about it will get you back your motivation. 

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3. Notice what’s working and what’s not, then do more of what’s working

There’s always going to be a thing that doesn’t work for you. If you spend too much time trying to change it you, will lose motivation, instead of trying to change what doesn’t work for you improve what’s working for you. 

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4. Imagine what your future would be

If you are working toward something that will change your life, or make you a better person then that proves that you don’t like where you are. Imagine what it would be like if years from now you are at the same place.

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5. Improve your focus

Fill your mind with it, dream of it, focus on it, work for it, ignore all that doesn’t lead to it, to achieve it you have to focus on it.

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6. Know your potential

You lose motivation when you limit yourself by what others think or say about you. If your goal is hard to be accomplished, people will underestimate you and doubt you.

Knowing who you are and building your self-confidence is important, it will increase self-belief and make you mentally strong.

7. Look up to great people who inspire you

It can be an artist, a scientist, a footballer, or a celebrity. Read their success story because there will always be a struggle before their success. This will give you back your motivation.

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8. Choose a positive environment 

Your environment matters the most. My mentor once told me “You can’t discuss a million-dollar vision with those who have a hundred-dollar vision” they will make you look like a fool and crazy. Surround yourself with positive people.

9. Be grateful for how far you’ve come

In a long way if you started losing motivation take a breath, relax your mind look back and appreciate yourself.

10. Be happy

You don’t have to achieve the goal first then enjoy your time, enjoy your life while hunting your goals.

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