How to Make a Unique Motivational Page on Facebook that stands out

 Facebook motivational and inspirational quotes pages have a huge positive impact on Facebook users because they give positive messages every day that brightens someone’s day. 

I’m going to take you step by step on how to create a unique motivational page that stands out in name, Mistakes to avoid, and things to consider while choosing a name, how to increase your page reach, and where to find quotes for your page.

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How to create a Facebook motivational page

Step 1: Go to the Facebook menu, click pages, then choose Create Page. To create a unique motivational page, it must have a unique name. 

Step 2: Choose a category. Categories for motivational pages are Motivational Speaker, Personal blog, or Writer.

Step 3: Add a website if you have one.

Step 4: Upload your profile and cover page. They are important.

Facebook motivational page name ideas 

To come up with a great motivational page name, you need to consider some things. Here are things to consider when choosing the name and mistakes to avoid. 

Avoid these mistakes when choosing the page name:

1. Avoid names like Motivational Quotes or Inspirational Quotes because these names are just like other Facebook Motivational pages and are taken.

2. Avoid using your name then adding Quotes to it like Edward Quotes, Jason Quotes, etc because most of the quotes you are going to post won’t be yours and when your followers find that out, they will lose some of the love and admiration they had for your page. Use quotes at the end only when the page post about a specific thing only like Wise Quotes, Stoic Quotes, etc but if you are going to post a mixture of all these quotes, avoid using Quotes at the end.

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Things to consider:

1. Know that the Facebook page name stands for what the page posts about but doesn’t describe it. The content you post is what describes it. You can use your name or nickname when it stands for something. If you have a personal story or you had an experience, then use your name or the nickname. Some examples of big motivational pages that use user names are:• Lucky: 900k + followers with a strong fan base. He can comment on your page post and you will see an increase in reach and comments (all from fans replying to his comment).
• Farhan Ali: His Facebook page has 190k+ followers and his account has 170k+ followers. Both have great engagement.

Your followers are fans of your page, but they don’t love and admire the page but the contents and the admin posting these contents.

2. If you want to create a motivational page focused on business, mindset, and entrepreneurship, here are some great examples:

All the above pages have a unique name that stands out among many motivational pages.

Name is important, so choose a name that stands out.

Motivational page description Ideas

Describe your Facebook motivational page clearly, what is it about and what it does. You can take ideas from the above pages I linked to. All have great descriptions, though some are just small. You can also choose a quote that describes your page.

How to let the Facebook algorithm recognize your page

As a small page starting, you have to get some attention and make a presence for your page. Post 1-3 quotes every day with a constant schedule in the first month. It’s nearly impossible to post every day with a constant schedule, but Facebook had that problem solved. Install Facebook Business Suite (pages manager) app. Through it, you can schedule your post and story for any day that you want, read comments and messages, and track your page insight. This will let the Facebook algorithm recognize your page.

5 Ways to Increase your Facebook motivational page reach organically

1. Share your page post with Facebook Motivational group

There are hundreds of Facebook quotes groups with many members. Join the big ones with good engagement and share the post with 10 different groups.

The reach you will expect is 30k-150k reach, which is great.

2. Post Videos

Videos are great for the Facebook algorithm because it lets users stay more. Consider posting 1 video a month.

3. Comment on big pages post

Comment on big page posts. If your comment is good and meaningful, it will rank the first, making these pages followers visit your page.

4. Post consistently 

The key to a successful page is consistency. You must make a viewer who visits your page, scroll down and admire the quotes you post, but if they visited it and saw only 2 posts in the last week, they are more likely to leave which will give bad feedback to the algorithm and you don’t want that.

If you don’t know what the Facebook algorithm is, consider reading this after finishing this article.

5. Use hashtags

Using hashtags is a great way to tell the Facebook algorithm what your post is about. Use 3-10 hashtags on every post, one of the hashtags must be your page name to boost your presence. Though hashtags are underrated and not used by a lot of pages. Use it to let the algorithm recommend your page earlier. 

6. Post unique and new quotes 

Give the Facebook algorithm a reason to push your reach. What most people don’t know is the algorithm knows many content and users’ reactions to it. If you post quotes you found on other Facebook pages or in quotes groups, the algorithm won’t push the reach organically. but where do you get rare quotes?

Where to find quotes for your motivational page

Here are the top 4 best websites to find quotes for your pages:

1. Goodreads: The first I’ll recommend. Goodreads website is for books but they do provide quotes, well categorized, and with the author’s name.

2. Brainyquotes: It has the biggest quote collection since 2001.

3. Quotery

4. Twitter: Most highly successful people like Elon Musk tweet great quotes.

The top 5 new best motivational quotes pages on Facebook:

1. Life Mello: If you want wise and inspirational quotes to inspire your feed, consider following Life Mello.
2. Lucky: This page is unique in its design and quotes posted. Though it posts only once a day and sometimes disappears for a whole month, the engagement is still great. If you want to see the power of a strong fan base, consider following Lucky.
3. The power of Thoughts and Imaginations
4. Motivational Quotes
5. Fragments of my mind

Follow these pages and learn how these pages are keeping up their fan base strong.  

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