How to Make your Life Better and Happier in 6 Ways

 It’s really hard to believe that you can live a happier and better life when your life is full of chaos, or you are sad, depressed, or lonely. But you can. Traumatic events change how we think and feel and how we interact with others. Some people lose their smiles, isolate themselves, or become depressed. It’s through your efforts and work that you make your life happier and better.

No one is given a good and happy life because many external things affect a person’s life that he/she can’t control. The more you try to control these things, the more miserable your life will be.

How to Make your Life Better and Happier in 6 Ways

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For example, if you hate rain and you always become angry and sad when it starts raining. To become happy at that moment, you have to control the rain. But since you can’t stop the rain, you have to accept the fact that you can’t control the rain to become happy at that moment.

This is the first thing you have to realize and accept so that you can make your life better and happier. If you depend on relationships for your happiness, you will continue to live miserably because you place your happiness in other people’s hands and people can change anytime. If you also become happy when people compliment you or say anything good about you, you will continue to suffer. If you become happy only when someone says something good to you, you will also become sad if a person says something unpleasant to you.

To make your life better and happier, you have to realize that there are things you can’t control in your life. These are the things you shouldn’t place your happiness on. And the things you can control are the things you have to focus on and improve at because they will make your life better, happier, and more meaningful.

In this blog post, I’ll list all the tips that will help you make your life better and happier. The 6 ways to make your life better and happier:

1. Become mentally and emotionally stronger

It’s the bad things you face in life that make your life worse and unhappy. If you are mentally weak, it will be hard to overcome a failure in life. If you are not emotionally mature, it will be hard to control your emotions. Some people will tell you to avoid the things that make you unhappy to live a happier life. But problems can make you unhappy and they are inevitable. Avoiding problems in life is another way to avoid living your life fully. But some things can make you unhappy and you have to avoid like:

  • Stupid and endless argument with idiots
  • Fake and bad friends
  • Bad habits that make you unhappy
  • Toxic relationships and bad company

You can live a happier life by avoiding these things. It’s hard to realize these things from the beginning, but you can solve all these problems by becoming mentally and emotionally stronger. When you train your mind, you live a happier, better, and more meaningful life. I wrote an article on how to become mentally and emotionally strong, but here’s the summary of how to become mentally and emotionally strong:

  • Face your Fears
  • Get rid of the victim’s Mindset
  • Don’t Fear change and lone time
  • Learn from your mistakes and do not fear failure
  • Free yourself from your past
  • Stop being a people pleaser
  • Clap for others Success
  • Read positive quotes

2. Care about your physical and mental health

Improving your health improves your life and makes it better. It doesn’t matter how rich you are; there are things that money can’t buy, like good mental and physical health. Focus on improving both your physical and mental health. You can improve your mental health through these tips:

  • Learn to stay positive in negative situations
  • Improve your sense of gratitude
  • Improve your sense of meaning and purpose in life
  • Develop coping skills

You can improve your mental health by practicing the above tips. If you can stay positive in a negative situation, you can increase the quality of your life. It’s extremely hard to stay positive and calm in a negative situation, but when you learn it, it will improve your life. Your physical health is important as your mental health. Here are the ways to improve your physical health:

  • Exercise
  • Get a good sleep
  • Take some time to relax

You can make your life better and happier when you care about your mental and physical health.

3. Work on your goals

Working on your goals and dreams is one of the things you will never regret in life because it will make your life better and give your life a purpose. You become happier and have a great sense of gratitude when you know your purpose in life, or you have a great goal you are committed to. Big goals take time and in that time you will face failures and feel different negative emotions, but learn from the mistakes and improve your critical thinking. Working on your goals can increase your self-confidence, improve your life, and make you a better person. The best part is that when you achieve your goals, you become proud of yourself. The emotion you feel when you are proud of yourself is awesome and can increase your happiness and self-esteem.

4. Increase your self-awareness

People who lack self-awareness blame others for their failures and mistakes in life. In some cases, we think others are responsible for our misery in life, but it’s us. Some people play the victim role in a relationship without realizing that they are the toxic person in a relationship. That’s why it’s important to be aware of your thoughts, actions, words, and habits. These things affect your life quality and happiness. In most of the posts I read on social media, I rarely find people who talk about their mistakes in life and seek help for correcting it. Most of the posts I read are the victim’s side of the story. People make mistakes then deceive themselves by playing the victim role to get others’ sympathy. This is one of the worst habits that can negatively affect your life.

But when you increase your self-awareness, you become aware of the negative habits and thoughts that are affecting your life and happiness. When you are aware of yourself, you can easily point out things that can make your life better and happier. People have different things that make them happy in life. Some enjoy parties, while others enjoy silence. If you have low self-awareness, you are more likely to choose what others think will make your life better and happier, but it will increase your misery in life. Here are the ways to increase your self-awareness:

  • Ask a trusted friend to point out your weakness and strength, then analyze what he/she said and view yourself from your perspective.
  • Meditate
  • Watch your random thoughts when you are alone
  • Watch how you react to situations subconsciously

5. Work on your self-confidence and self-esteem

Good self-esteem makes you cherish yourself and increases your happiness in life, and good self-confidence can open doors to many opportunities that can make your life better. The higher your self-esteem, the more you will value and respect yourself. When you don’t value or respect yourself, you will put yourself down. Most people have low self-esteem. It’s seen in people who try to put others down to cover their low sense of esteem.

6. Help others

We are social animals, which means we appreciate those who help us when we need help. The person who gets the help will become happy, but the helper will feel much better. Helping others will make you happier, but don’t help others because you want to feel happy. Help others because you want to. Benefits of helping others:

  • Give you a sense of purpose 
  • Improve your social skills
  • Help you create better friendships
  • Boost your self-esteem

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