How to set up a business Facebook page [Complete guide]

 Setting up a business Facebook page for your business is one of the best moves you can make. Facebook has 2.91 billion user active users according to Statista. Digital marketing is growing faster every year and people are preferring it more.

How to set up a business Facebook page [Complete guide]

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Creating a business Facebook page for your page can help you reach more customers and grow the popularity of your business locally and internationally. 

Pros and Cons of a business Facebook page 

Creating a business Facebook page comes with its pros and cons. Having full knowledge about business Facebook pages is a great way to avoid confusion in the future and be able to solve the common problems many beginners face. I’ll start by listing the pros and cons of a business Facebook page.


  1. Increase business popularity: through your page, everyone using Facebook can be able to view the content you post on your page and learn more about your business if they search for it.
  2. Direct communication with customers: a business Facebook page offers you this free service where you can communicate with your business customers and get as much information as you want.
  3. Get customer feedback and reviews: you improve and become happy about your business when you find out how your business is helping customers and meeting their needs. Meaningful feedback from a customer can help you improve your business. 
  4. Easy networking: every business owner knows how networking is important. Through your Facebook business page, you can easily find similar businesses in your category and build a network.
  5. Increase your website traffic: it’s easy to drive traffic by sharing the new content, which can be the newly launched product, news, or blog post.
  6. Discover more about your customers: Facebook offers information about the page’s followers and visitors. In the professional dashboard, you can see page followers’ location, age, and page insights. You can know which day has the highest engagement and reach, which age group follows your page the most, and their location.


  1. Takes time: building your Facebook business page is not easy. It takes time and the right strategy.
  2. Feedback and reviews: positive feedback is great, but not all reviews will be positive. You have to prepare mentally for getting negative feedback and reviews.
  3. Can cost you more: One of the ways to promote your business page to get likes and followers is to run Facebook Ads which might cost you. Also, when your business page grows, you will need to hire people to respond to customers’ messages because everyone gets annoyed with slow or no reply.

These are the cons and pros of a business Facebook page. Let me walk you through creating a business Facebook page.

2. How to create a business Facebook page

Creating a business facebook page is easy and doesn’t take much of your time. You can create it with your phone or on a desktop. Because most people use mobile, I’ll show the tutorial using mobile screenshots. Create a business Facebook page in two steps:

1. Go to the Facebook menu and choose Pages

1. Go to the Facebook menu and choose Pages

2. Click on Create, then click on Get Started

2. Click on Create, then click on Get Started

3. Enter your page name: it should be your business name 

4. Choose your page categories: choose the category for your business. For example, if your business is in the Real Estate categories, just type Real Estate and you will have many categories. 

5. Enter your website. if your business doesn’t have a website you can skip this step or choose I don’t have a website.

6. Add a profile picture and a cover photo, then click Done. Note that the cover photo dimension is 851 × 315 pixels, while the Facebook profile picture dimension is 180 × 180 pixels. Read more about dimensions in the Facebook help center. Click here

Congratulations, you have successfully created a business Facebook page. But wait you only have a new page with unfilled necessary details. Let me help you complete the setup. 

3. Create page username

Creating a username for your page creates its unique link and helps the Facebook algorithm to show your page when someone searches for it. If my business page username is ‘example’, my page link will be You can find the page username under the page name.

How to create a username for Facebook page

4. Create Action Button 

Choose the suitable button for your business page targeting the action you want. If you want page followers to visit your website or you prefer messages, you can choose that. An example of Action Button Entrepreneur Facebook page.

Entrepreneur Facebook page action button

5. Fill the About section

This includes basic information about your business like your address, phone number, email, and website. Provide your email address and website because they are important. If you want to add your address and phone number if you think it suits your business. But if you don’t want customers calling you can choose My Page doesn’t have a phone number. You can find About next to Community.

About section in Facebook business page

6. Create a business group 

It’s not necessary at this stage, but when your page grows bigger, you will need a group. You can learn how to create a Facebook group on a business page and what are the benefits by clicking here. Learn how to link a Facebook page to a group in 3 simple steps plus its benefits by clicking here.

But you can do that by going to the Group section and choosing Create Group

7. How to add admin on a Facebook page

 You can easily add a new admin or moderator in three steps. Click on Setting >> scroll down and click on Page Roles >> click on Add Person to Page. 

An easy tutorial to add admin on a Facebook page:

1. Go to the page then click on Settings 

1. Go to the Facebook menu and choose Pages

2. Click on Page roles

2. Click on Page roles


3. Click on Add Person to Page

3. Click on Add Person to Page

4. Facebook will ask you to enter your password

5. Enter the name of the person you want to add as an admin to your page >> choose the admin role and click add. 

Facebook will send an invitation request to the person you added, after the confirmation the person will be added as an admin. 

8. How to delete/unpublish a Facebook page

If you have a task that requires your attention and you won’t be able to focus on your business Facebook page, then you can unpublish it.

Unpublishing a Facebook page means making the page invisible to any user on Facebook.

You can Unpublish your page in three steps: click on Settings >> click on general >> scroll down to find Page visibility, choose Unpublish.

To permanently delete your Facebook page Click on setting >> click on general >> scroll down to find Permanently delete [your Page name] above Remove Page, click on it.

You know all the basic and import settings of your Facebook business page, but it’s only the beginning. It’s time to make your first post and increase your page followers. 

9. Publishing posts

Setting up your business Facebook page for success includes business page activities like posts. 

Some of the things you can start posting are:

  • Contents from your website that might interest your followers and make them continue reading on your page.
  • Pictures of your business and products that are amazingly attractive as you can include videos too.
  • New pieces of information that are important and beneficial.
  • News related to your business. 

10. Promoting page

If you post a picture and no one sees it, then it’s a waste of time. There are many ways to promote your page to get more page followers and engagement.

You can promote your page through:

  • Sharing page contents with related groups. Find groups within the same category as your page and share your content with them. If the content you share with the group members is good, they will visit your page. This will increase your followers organically. But it takes time.
  • Add a Facebook icon with your Facebook page link to your website. This will let your website visitors visit your Facebook page.
  • Notify your followers on other social platforms about your business Facebook page. If you have many followers on Instagram, you can connect your Instagram account to the business Facebook page. Facebook and Instagram belong to Meta. when you connect your Instagram account to the Facebook page, Facebook will notify the Instagram users who have Facebook account about your page.
  • Comment on big business pages. Comment a unique and helpful thought on their post, when these pages followers view your comment, it will interest them to visit your page. 
  • Speed up your page growth by running Facebook Ads for your business page.

11. Managing your page

Running a business page takes time. A great way to manage your business page is by scheduling posts.

There are many tools to manage your business Facebook page, the two best apps are:

Creator Studio

You can post and schedule photos and videos for a business Facebook page. It focuses on videos insights. Use Creator Studio if most of your page content is videos.

Meta Business Suite

You can post and schedule photos, videos, and page stories for a business Facebook page. It provides page engagement and growth insights and page demographics.

Last words

Keep on learning more about Facebook algorithms and posting more about your business on your business Facebook page. The above guide covers all the complete setup for your business Facebook page. Feel free to ask any questions. I’ll be glad to help you.

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