Is it Good to Watch Motivational Videos?

 The motivational videos on the internet in our time are people’s source of motivation and inspiration. Opposite to most videos on YouTube, motivational videos have many positive comments and are liked by many people. But is it good to watch these videos because millions of people are watching them?

No, it’s not good to watch these videos because after every motivational video you watch you feel like you are one step to success without doing anything that will take you one step toward success.

Let me further explain why it’s not good to watch motivational videos though you are working on a big goal or feeling unmotivated.

is it good to watch motivational videos?

Diving deep into the world of motivational videos

Part 1: The fantasy

The world of motivational videos is a perfect world where there’s no failure, mistake, or limits. You can accomplish anything you set your mind on as long as you are enjoying the fantasy of success and action faking. Fake gurus, who succeeded as a guru, will teach you how to make millions and achieve all your goals and dreams because everything is based on mindset. If you have the mindset they talk about, you will succeed. When you watch a motivational video, the feeling of success starts rushing through you. It’s like you achieved one of your greatest goals that took a long time. You become addicted to it because of the feeling of success it gives.

Everyone has something they want to achieve or want to reach a certain level of success that satisfies them. That’s the primary reason there are millions of people watching motivational videos on YouTube, Facebook, and other social platforms. Since the way to achieve a big goal will take time, the mind prefers the short way to get the feeling of accomplishment. It’s after some time that you realize that the world of motivational videos and fake gurus is just a fantasy.  It’s similar to the lies we heard in high school about life ahead of us.

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Part 2: The verity

It’s after some time in the communities of motivational videos that you realize 5 things:

  • The gurus who have the best mindset in the motivational video world didn’t reach the level of success they talk about.
  • The true intention of motivational speakers and fake gurus isn’t to see you succeed, but to sell you their expensive course that promises your success.
  • The more you watch motivational videos, the more you become addicted to them.
  • Motivational videos cause action faking.
  • You don’t need the motivation you get after watching motivational videos to succeed.

If you want to succeed in something and your motivation is declining, it’s better to watch videos of people who succeeded in the same thing instead of watching any motivational video. For example, if you own a restaurant and it’s facing many failures. You don’t watch a motivational video to keep on. Instead, you watch videos of an expert who owns a successful restaurant. You will feel motivated and learn from the difficulties and failures they faced. You won’t face the same failures, but you will have an increase in motivation.

How do I stop watching motivational videos?

Overcoming the addiction to motivational videos isn’t hard. I was an addict. Here is how to stop watching motivational videos in 3 steps:

1. Unfollow all the motivational channels and fake gurus

There are many motivational contents on many social platforms. YouTube has the most content. Unsubscribe to all these channels and don’t forget to unfollow all the fake gurus on Instagram. When you stop seeing more of these contents, you start seeing things clearly and thinking critically about each failure and setback.

2. Embrace your reality

After your detachment from these contents, embrace your reality and trust the process. You may be living in the illusion of these videos, but you have to realize that things take time, effort, better thinking, and experience. It’s better to learn discipline and let your source of motivation be yourself than to get motivation from these videos. After your detachment, you will become aware of the lies of motivational videos. Watching a motivational video after that will be a conscious choice.

3. Make a replacement

For people who have goals that require continual growth. There are times that we feel low and a little sign of hope is what we need. These times can make you listen to motivational videos, but instead, you watch videos of people who went through that situation. For example, if your business fails, don’t watch “Don’t give up motivational video.” Watch an interview of a successful business owner or his/her story with failures. This will give you motivation, hope, and lessons you will never get in motivational videos.

Final thoughts

Things don’t always go right, but that doesn’t mean you live in fantasy to make yourself feel good.

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