Lessons I Learned From running 800k+ Quotes Page on Facebook

Motivational and inspirational quotes had a big positive effect on my life. It’s now more than 2 years since I started my Facebook motivational page.

Lucky Facebook Quote Page

I learned a lot of valuable lessons through experience. At some point in life when you hit the bottom and the light shows up. It gives you a different view of life.

That’s my part of the story with quotes and opening a Facebook motivational page.

Why did I start?

After some months,  I grew mentally stronger and saw the change in me. One day, I posted a quote picture I saved from Instagram to a popular Facebook quote group; I was surprised by the likes and comments I got.

I realized 3 things at that time:

  1. It’s not me alone who went through a bad time. Some people are going through tough times and can’t talk about it.
  2. Just like helping someone in doing hard work can make someone feel better. You can do that with a quote.
  3. The type of quote I posted wasn’t available (a lot) on Facebook, and I can fill that gap.

All this realization gave me the spark to start Lucky (Facebook inspirational, attitude, and motivational quotes page).

I created Lucky to be the motivated version of me. Every time I feel low, I read the quotes I post, and it gets me back my energy.

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How did I start? 

On 29 of July 2019, I created Lucky The first post was doing well because I shared it with motivational groups. In the first month, there were 6.7k likes on the page, which was great. Even most of my friends didn’t believe me. 

I didn’t create the page for popularity, so I didn’t boost any of my posts (and up to now). What I loved was the new people I met, the comments I got, and the experience I’m getting. 

In 6 months, the page reached 60k likes, but the page engagement was low (150 likes on average post). But I learned many things.

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What I learned in the first 6 months

1. The quote you think can perform well sometimes does the opposite, and the one you think can perform badly ends up between the top performers.

Until you know your followers and the type of quotes they love, keep posting different categories of quotes with different styles.

Know why other posts perform better, why others are getting more comments than the one with more likes.

Pay attention to the quote background, Quote fonts, and its category (inspirational, motivational, attitude, or wise quotes).

Knowing these details can help you know your followers and the type of content they want, which will turn your followers into fans.

2. It’s useless to check the number of your page’s followers several times a day.

3. If you want to increase the number of your page followers and likes. Create, post better content, and increase the value of the content you post on your Facebook page.

People don’t follow pages that post repetitive quotes, low-quality content, and boring quotes. The better and more unique the content you post, the more page followers and engagement you will get.

4. Avoid grammatical errors in the quotes you post. Use the Grammarly keyboard to check for any punctuation and spelling errors if English is not your native language.

5. You will meet amazing people with a better mindset on your page.

6. The number of your page followers is useless if there’s low engagement. 

7. The background picture of the quote is important as the quote itself. Choose a background picture that suits the quote.

8. Post questions on your page. This will increase your engagement and make your page more amazing.

9. Don’t think about your motivational page as a page, but as a family.

These 9 lessons have made me a better social media content creator. I can know which post will perform better than the other, and which one can get more shares, likes, or comments.

The other six months of the first year were a busy month because I had to study for my semester exams, plus I was going through some tough times.

I unpublished the page for 2 months. After 2 months I continued posting. In the first two days, the organic reach was good, but after that, it dropped. After one month of the page being unpublished, I was able to get back my page’s normal engagement and reach.

Here are the tips to get back your normal page engagement after being unpublished:

  1. Don’t post much content in a day; this will make your reach drop more.
  2. Post once or twice a day.
  3. See the top-performing quotes you posted months ago and repost them.
  4. Post daily.

With this strategy, your page performers will get back to what it was after 1-2 weeks.

I applied all the strategies I learned through the 8 months; I hit the milestone of 100k likes in 1 year and 5 months.

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After that, I became a Facebook algorithm favorite page. My page post was recommended by the algorithm, and it started reaching millions of people per day. Here are some screenshots:

This screenshot was taken on 25th December 2020. Page likes increased by 1k.

100k likes on Lucky Facebook quotes page

On 26 December 2020, the page reached 3 million people.

4.3 million reach on Lucky Facebook quotes pages

I took this screenshot on 29th December 2020. The page had 121k likes with an increase of 21k likes in only 5 days.

121k likes on Lucky Facebook quotes page

I took this screenshot on 20th January 2021. Page likes increased from 122k likes to 328k likes. I was astonished.

328.3k likes on Lucky Facebook quotes page

There are a lot of screenshots, but here is the screenshot I took on 5th May 2021. Page reach in the last 28 days is 101.6 million, with an engagement of 21.5 million and a 143k increase in page likes.

101 Million reach on Lucky Facebook quotes page

This was one of the best experiences of my life. I met a lot of amazing new people and got hundreds of positive feedback. I learned ways you can make money with your Facebook motivational page. Read it.

If you are starting a new page, here is some advice to help you grow big:

  • Have a monthly goal. It includes page reach, engagement, and growth.
  • Know why you created the page.
  • Believe in yourself.
  • Learn through the journey.
  • Don’t seek attention but respect.

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