Perception Examples In Life

 Perception is what we believe the situation to be without knowing the actual truth. We think we are seeing the world as it is before us. But everything is filtered in our mind by our experience in life, beliefs, and thoughts. We judge the things we see through our perception. Everyone can see the same picture, but they view the picture differently. You don’t see most of the thing in life for what it is; you see it through your perception.

Perception examples in life

Problems between people continue to grow bigger because people don’t try to understand others’ perceptions. When you get into a good discussion with someone and both of you end up disagreeing at a point. It’s usually because of different perceptions. You both see things from different perceptions. If you both keep on discussing, there will be no end to this discussion. What makes the discussion more complicated is that both of you will start judging each other as a stupid person, or in lack of experience, or don’t understand, etc. When you view something from a fixed angle, you analyze and understand it. You will think it’s the only truth and judge others when their answer or view of it is not the same as yours.

If you filled a glass with water (not full) and brought people and asked them to give the right description of the glass. Some will say it’s half full. Some will say it’s either full or empty. Some will say it’s neither full nor empty. Some will say it’s half empty. If these people started discussing which description is the right one. This discussion will never end because the glass is half full, at the same time half empty; it’s also neither full nor empty. All descriptions are correct. Your perception is not always right, nor is it wrong, just because it’s different.

It’s important to always know your perceptions and understand others’ perceptions before judging. Sometimes you give a negative perception about a situation and when you don’t rethink your perception. It creates another layer for that perception, making it hard to understand others’ perceptions of a situation. Understanding people are those who can understand others’ perceptions and can solve conflicts between groups. To clearly understand perception, I’ll give perception examples in stories that always happen in life.

Here are perception examples in life:

Example 1

Once a man called Strange took two highly successful men with a harsh past. On the road, there was a man with a normal look that didn’t seem to be successful. The first successful person was surrounded by lazy people who weren’t serious about their future. He told his surrounding to work hard and be disciplined because laziness gives no good results. But he was always ignored and laughed at. He became successful, while the lazy people didn’t. The second person was surrounded by good and kind people who weren’t educated. He was the only person offered a scholarship. He considers himself lucky to have such an opportunity.

Strange asked both men why the guy didn’t look successful? The first person said the man was lazy. The second person said he wasn’t lucky. They all went and greeted the man and started talking to him. After that, they realized that the man is rich, he doesn’t like bragging and looking successful.

Sometimes we think our perception is right when both are wrong.

Example 2

Overprotective parents always think they are protecting their children by caring for them too much. While their kid starts lying to avoid lectures given to her. The kid will hate their parent for not trusting her in other decisions and the overproduction. While the parents will think they are doing the right thing for the sake of their child’s protection.

Both have different perceptions of each other, making it difficult to reach a point where they agree. If both can take time to understand each perception, they will reach a point where they agree at.

Example 3

At some point in your life, you think you are hated by someone because of his action. When the truth is opposite to what you think. Here is a story to clarify that. 

A single mother who had a son had to work hard to feed her son. Due to her financial situation, she decided to do all she could to get her son to succeed and be financially stable. The reason she decided to work hard and pay for her son’s school fees wasn’t to get her out of her situation when her son succeeded, but she never wanted her son to be in the situation she’s in. When her son grew up, he joined a bad group and stopped going to school.

She realized her son would end up in a bad place if he continued on that path. She knew her son wouldn’t listen to her if she advised him about school. She started beating her son for not going to school, putting pressure on him to solve class exercises, and pushing him to read.

At that age, her son thought her mother hated him because other student mothers weren’t doing that to their children. But his perception was wrong. Her mother did all that with love for him. Sometimes we think our perception of life is right, but the reality is different.


Before you judge people, understand their perception first because you are not always right. Sometimes two people can have different perceptions about something and both can’t be the reality.

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