Which is Better Discipline or Motivation?

 When we want to achieve a massive goal or succeed at a business, it’s always motivation that ignites the burning energy in us full of positive energy, excitement, and curiosity that will drive us to start. But it’s not enough to let us succeed and achieve our big goals that will take a long time. That’s where the importance of discipline comes.

Which is better Discipline or Motivation!?

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Discipline is the main ingredient to success. While motivation ignites the positive energy inside you to start, discipline keeps you going when your motivation and excitement for achieving goals dies.

Motivation and discipline are both important for success, but discipline is better than motivation because it’s enough for you to succeed with discipline; but with motivation, you will have to feed it every time it dies. Until you reach a situation where you need the motivation to go and get the motivation to work. You don’t need motivation if you have the discipline to keep on.

Understanding motivation and using it effectively

Achieving goals is all about keeping a healthy and positive mental state to not deviate from the road toward success, no matter how hard the journey becomes. You fail to achieve a goal when you stop hunting it, not when you fail after the first attempt. Motivation gives us that instant golden energy that can make us do great things and are willing to do more, regardless of what we might face. 

Successful people use both motivation and discipline to keep themselves going. The trick is to know when your motivation dies, how to revive it, what causes it to drop, and when it rises. Motivation can be intrinsic and extrinsic. You are either motivated by the outside factors (extrinsic) or your motivation comes from inside (intrinsic). Extrinsic motivation is all about the things you have no control over. That’s why it lasts for a short period, while the motivation that comes from the inside lasts longer.

For success, you need intrinsic motivation and discipline. Motivation is at its highest peak at the beginning; it slows down with time and drops fast because of failure and unwanted results, and it rises higher when the results meet the expectations. Understanding these facts about motivation is important:

  • You can direct yourself effectively and be aware of how your behavior changes and how it affects your motivation.
  • You will keep a certain level of expectations and control your intrinsic motivation.

All these strategies for motivation can keep you going for several months only, but some businesses or goals require years to reach success. That’s where you replace motivation with discipline to form habits that will keep you going regardless of how motivated or unmotivated you are.

Understanding discipline to achieve long-term goals

Motivation comes first, habits keep you going, and discipline makes you finish. Everyone has a habit they created out of discipline. If you changed your job and the new job requires a fresh and well state of mind. You have to wake up early, do all the necessary things you always do, then add exercise, meditation, or anything that refreshes your mental state. Since most jobs’ working days are 5 or 6 days a week, you will have to be disciplined and repeat the same routine until this routine turns into a habit. When you become disciplined and turn your routine into a habit, no matter how hard things are, they become a part of you.

The problem arises when you aren’t disciplined about things that will help you achieve your goals. The routine that makes you better is always hard, and it’s harder to be disciplined about it. We form habits we don’t need by staying disciplined to the routine that will not contribute to bettering us toward our goals.

If you own a business that will take more than a year to succeed. You don’t need motivation, you need to be disciplined toward many things, some of them are:

  1. Disciplined to self-growth: Here you read books to keep a positive mind because you will face many negativities.
  2. Disciplined to your goal: Wake up every day and do that habit that will pull you closer to achieving your goal.
  3. Disciplined to good habits: You replace bad habits with good and positive ones by becoming disciplined to them.

Motivation and discipline and how they are related

Discipline is not motivation; it’s the discipline that keeps a person focused on a certain thing for a long time. Discipline, in this article, refers to the control in behavior that enforces a certain habit or the control in behavior for a long time with the intent of achieving a certain result.

The relation between discipline and motivation is like plane and fuel. Everyone wants to achieve big goals, but not all are willing to fly for long distances. The other country you want to fly to is the success you want. Height and distance are the difficulties you face when climbing your way to success. Turning on the engine is the motivation and the amount of fuel is the discipline.

Motivation igniting the energy inside you to start working on a goal is similar to you turning on the plane engine to start. It’s the fuel that determines how far the plane will go before it stops, just like it’s your discipline that determines how far you are willing to go for your goals.

Which is better Discipline or Motivation?

Everyone can start with motivation and be excited to achieve goals and out of curiosity: The excitement to know how you will feel when you succeed increases. In our current time, you will find a ton of motivation in different social media apps. But discipline can not be found or created; it can be improved, cultivated, and developed. Everyone has a little discipline in them; it’s just hard to develop it. For it requires a huge amount of willpower. For motivation, it’s easy to find.

Discipline is the embankment between you and your goals, and the steps you take are the actions; what pushes you to walk on the bridge is motivation. When you decide to work on your goals, both action and discipline are important to achieving the goal.

Things to consider

When hunting your goals, don’t keep your eyes on your motivation only, but focus it on disciplined. Discipline is better and more important than motivation. You don’t necessarily need the motivation to achieve a goal, but discipline. The more you are disciplined throughout the journey, the farther you go.Related Articles

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