Why are quotes good

 Good quotes help in giving effective advice and speech. Good quotes used in the right way can be the heart of the story in a presentation. Most of the great leaders and inventors leave a mark on the world not just by what they did, also by what they said. 

When you go through bad times especially when the business you are working on is not giving good results, or the idea you implemented is not working, you are more likely to give up, or seek help from an expert in that field, or watch stories of how successful people made it (Most of the time they give quotes). These good quotes don’t have a lot of effects but they can be the spark that lights your inspiration and pushes you to think positively. 

Quotes have a great effect on many areas that include:

Quotes help in giving an effective presentation 

A good and effective presentation is rated by its core message and how good the story in it is. The audience gets bored when there’s no good story in your presentation. A good quote can fuel the story making you connect with the audience and making your presentation more professional and credible though it takes a small part of it. In most of the successful It-presentation, most presenters use Steve jobs quotes as a spark to fuel their stories to connect them with the audience because they know that most of the audiences are inspired by the story of how Steve jobs made it, and they know some of his famous quotes.

There are many reasons to use quotes in your presentation. But avoid using too many quotes.

5 Reasons to use quotes in your presentation.

1. Influence the audience: A good quote said at the right time in the presentation can inspire the audience, creating a connection and excitement for the product, idea, etc.

2. Good Introduction: One of the most important parts of the presentation is the introduction. A good relevant quote that describes the problem used in the beginning can get the audience’s attention and keep them interactive.

3. Create ideas: Inspiring quotes can open your audience’s mind to come up with great ideas and entice them to a fresh perspective in solving problems.

4. Quotes can boost credibility and lead the way for what you are talking about.

5. Quotes are easy to memorize.

Thanks to John Quinn for giving 8 Reasons Why you Should use Quotes in your next presentation

Quotes help in giving good advice and speech

To give good advice and speech your words must be relatable. Quotes speak our mind and what we can’t describe that’s why most people read sad quotes when they can’t describe what they are feeling than talking about it to others. Use related quotes when advising because it creates a connection and at the end, people don’t remember most of the things you said but the short ones.

Quotes help you in becoming a better version of yourself

Inspirational quotes play a great role in pushing us to become a better version of ourselves. It helps in opening a new door in our mind which makes us look at the world and problems from a different perspective. That thing you first thought was a problem becomes something you think it can level you up when you change the way you think. Quotes help in changing the way we think.

Motivational quotes help in beating procrastination and increasing our self-confidence. Quotes accelerate us.

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