Why is Emotional Intelligence Important

Emotional intelligence

Emotional Intelligence helps you understand yourself and your emotions, increase faith in yourself, become self-motivated, stimulate positive emotions, and able to keep pushing despite setbacks, be transparent and interact with integrity, acknowledge others’ emotions, sense others and form better friendships and relationships, influence people, and work effectively with others.

EI is important in all aspects of our life. In our workplace, our friendships, our school, our relationships, and our personal life. Life can’t be accurately predicted in terms of the problems we face and the negative emotions that slow us. It’s important to learn how to control these emotions, cope with them, or understand them. The importance of emotional intelligence rise when dealing with a person who is dealing with negative emotions. Using your emotional intelligence, you can acknowledge which type of emotions the person is dealing with, have a better understanding of his situation, see which way of communication suits his situation, then choose the best approach. 

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To be honest, a lot of people lack this skill. We all need an emotionally intelligent person, but not all want to develop this skill.
To get deeper importance of EI, I’ll explain separately:

Why emotional intelligence is important in our daily lives 

Emotional intelligence allows us to overcome life stress, improve our self-perception and the quality of our life even without knowing that, become self-regulated, self-motivated, and confident.

It’s the lack of self-motivation, life stress, low self-confidence, and poor communication skills that stop a person from improving in life. We have family responsibilities and personal goals that we need to fulfill. In other cases, these responsibilities and goals are not options. It’s a matter of must. It’s that we are uncomfortable with where we are and we want to achieve that goal, or we have to work to meet our family’s needs. Life setbacks slow us and sometimes stop us. With emotional intelligence, we may not overcome some of the setbacks, but we keep on going despite the setbacks.

We don’t always succeed from our first try in life. “Try again” it’s easier said than done. Emotionally intelligent people can recover faster from the damage and get back self-motivated. They don’t avoid their emotions, but they manage these emotions in a way it doesn’t stop them from working.

Emotional intelligence is important in our daily life when interacting and connecting with new people. It gives you the ability to explain yourself in negotiation clearly that people understand your point. To be able to settle disputes between the team members. 

 Why emotional intelligence important in the workplace 

Emotional intelligence improves your performance and communication skill in the workplace, being able to adjust and manage your emotions and behavior, being able to work under pressure, being able to manage the emotions of others and direct them, and being more successful.

We all admire people who can work and communicate effectively in the workplace. These people are not admired for what they do, but for their ability to overcome all the challenges they face, understand and communicate verbally and non-verbally, work effectively with the team, make better decisions, empathize, and guide others.

Unlike our family and friends who know and understand us better. The people we meet in our workplace are different. Neither do we know them, nor do they know us. Not being able to communicate with your colleagues may add some problems. This also goes to bosses who aren’t emotionally intelligent, which makes them fail in recognizing workers’ emotions and leading them the right way. People work better where they feel free, challenged, motivated, and are directed the right way. Managing work stress and being a helpful hand in the team is important for your success.

Why emotional intelligence is important in relationships 

Emotional Intelligence increase the level of understanding which leads to settling disputes, conflicts, and misunderstanding, sensing each other, empathizing, and effective communication. Which leads to a long-lasting relationship.

Problems always arise in relationships. Long-lasting relationships aren’t the ones with no past conflicts and misunderstandings. It’s the relationship that overcomes all of these problems. It’s only with emotional intelligence that we make the relationship lasts long. Conflicts in relationships are inevitable.

When we are arguing with someone we love or care for. We are more likely to give an emotional reaction to some of the things said to us. Sometimes, it’s a small or stupid thing that needs calm thinking, but because we are not emotionally intelligent to manage ourselves at that time or try to understand what the other side is going through. We take emotional decisions, which may be wrong.

Emotional intelligence is important in relationships because it makes us aware of ourselves, be able to manage our emotions, and don’t let them overcome us.

Last words

I’ve summed up all the importance of emotional intelligence and how it can play a big role in our life. Emotional intelligence is now becoming more important and being studied by scientists. Developing your emotional intelligence improves your life quality and you live a more fulfilled life.

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