About Us

How did Motivated Version start

I started my journey as a content creator. I like editing videos and creating picture quotes in a different style. I wanted to do something that could impact the lives of people positively. The simplest thing I could start with was posting quotes on Facebook. I didn’t like all types of quotes because some shamed other people instead of understanding them. I created the page with the name “Lucky” to present quotes based on understanding and to help people overcome their tough times.

The Facebook page grew so big and impacted the lives of many Facebook users in a positive way, which fulfilled my dream of impacting people’s lives.

Page Reviews

But quotes only help by giving hope, inspiration, and motivation. In some moments, we need someone to tell us what to do and how to do it. If you’ve been through something and overcame it, sharing how you overcame that situation will help a person going through the same situation overcome it. The second idea was to start a self-improvement blog. I realized that when working toward a certain goal, we will meet both emotional and mental resistance that will try to stop us. It’s by breaking through that resistance that we become proud and confident in ourselves. Quotes may help in overcoming mental resistance, but when there’s an article or a video that explains the situation and how to overcome it. Any resistance won’t be a big thread.

Our Goals

  • Help people overcome both mental and emotional resistance when chasing their goals. 
  • Learn more about motivation and how to keep and use it.
  • Give a unique perspective to difficult problems and better solutions.

Staying motivated when and being disciplined when chasing a goal is important. Just like you and I have goals, we also want to become the best version of ourselves. We appreciate you taking your time to read about us. Break the resistance and achieve the goal. 

Thank you for for reading about us. If you want to reach out to us, you can contact us.