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  1. As for number two, I say it a different way, which is, misery loves company. But if the company misery keeps isn’t miserable, it’ll go out of its way to make it miserable and it will every time you can’t unmiserable misery.!!

  2. its just politics as usual doing what the devil dose best confussing ,creating division , setting poor examples , and this my friends is called political correct nothing has done more to ruien a once proud free nation into a cowardly finger pointing judgmental Godless pour nation paying taxes to criminals give to the rich to make them and the elite that see us as mamales cutting into their food suppy thats not Gods plan he dosnt care if your left or right just love you bring back keep our money we wont need it on the surface while you live underground closer to hell where youll belong Amen

  3. I completely understand what you are saying, you keep tripping up until you learn to keep your balance, but what happens when you have mastered it all and all you seem to attract is bull sh!tters and back stabbers?! This is why I have been alone for a year and a half. Maybe I should wait for the right one to come along.

  4. I enjoyed reading these quotes needed to read them out loud to my family just be kind to one another

  5. Very down to earth points —well understood thank you for you time expectations are dangerous but love is the elite–glad I opened thank you for the advice.

  6. Number 7 hits me the most, cause although I broke up with my gf who was full of toxic traits, I found myself thinking about getting her back. But I changed my mind now I read this

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