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  1. For real I’m 42 and friend circle is basically non existent lol but I have learned the truth is what it is and sometimes it hurts. I don’t sugar coat anything and I use to be the yes girl till I needed anything and wooow no one to bother to help me when I needed them. So I learned my lesson years ago on that one!!! Especially with co workers, sometimes that’s all they are nothing more nothing less.

    True real friends are the ones that are there no matter what and will be there anytime but you have the people that are nice and friendly and all about it if they need things but disappear if anything is asked of them ???

    1. some people say to much a good friend k ows when to be quiet and when there friend is strong enough to hear the ugly truth

    2. Absolutely.
      This happens with family too. Sometimes even some relatives are not your friends, they’re just blood related.?

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