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  1. I did a research with youth. When they read these tips, they end up with more fear. These words are fine for adults who had a wonderful life back in the 1980’s going through a few rough patches, however, these words are damaging for the youth even though they come with good intentions. Horrific for modern-day generation because it makes them feel like their future adult life will be worse than their current fears filled with “school gun shooting sounds in their ears when a book drops” and their “confused – woke issues shoved down their throats” and they have been taught there is “no such thing as fully straight people” and also “sorry you are too smart/too dumb so just take a chill pill – happy opiods to fix you,”….generation. This generation does not need to be told life is unfair. They need to be told life CAN be fair, THINK, THINK, THINK, block ALL liberal media, find peace in your heart, attend the new modern style churches surrounded by happy inspirational uplifting songs and ALWAYS listen to your MOM because she has NO financial interest on your back.

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