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  1. Being alone is necessary to come in contact with your peace, feelings, your thoughts. And to balance Cause you will find all answers inside you.

    1. Asian Religions especially Buddhism has core teaching of maintaining solitude. Lord Buddha says ” Be an Island ”
      I think that was the height of introvert quotes.

  2. Being in relationship is normal even for introverts.Introverts their wisdom can multiply by a lot solutions but not physically with a lot women’s.

  3. Be who you are, say what you feel , because those that matter won’t mind, and those that mind don’t matter.

  4. Thank you. I enjoyed reading this article. This inspired me to know that I am not alone and there are other people like me Thank you thank you for putting this in Pinterest

  5. Autism here. Called an introvert. Really just don’t want judgement. Easier to be called an introvert. Sadly I have s lot to offer but few will ever know.

  6. I have always been quiet, introverted and shy. It may have something to do with being made fun of most of my life. I am more open around the right people. I struggle with my shyness, but I think I’ve done a good job at it. Not everyone can be loud and obnoxious. Have you heard the saying–empty cans make the most noise?

  7. Please don’t use the f word! or any other 4-letter word. It’s unnecessary, and these words are offensive to some people. It’s a lack of vocabulary – many words in the dictionary are more appropriate. Please use them. Why use offensive words when so many other appropriate words are available to help us improve our vocabulary?

  8. Love this. I am who I am. We just seem to get along with our selves better than with a bunch of talking talkers. Let me have my own conversation with myself. I just plain like being a introvert so leave me alone

  9. I love the quotes. I am so there; I especially enjoyed the one about being social. Also, I get bored when I am in a crowd. At the most I last 1 hour. (hint drive yourself).

  10. I love the quotes. It took years for me to realize I was an introvert. I considered myself a wallflower, shy, and/or socially awkward but kept trying to fit in, which was so physically and mentally exhausting. I enjoy short visits and activities with my family but am happiest when I am alone. Thank you for sharing these as they are very much appreciated.

  11. When I was younger I actually thought something was wrong with me because I was so different from everyone around me ,but as I got older and read about introverts I said to myself that is me and it was a real eye opening moment for me ,and that you so much for sharing the quotes we are not alone

  12. I have always been shy and reserved and I’m ok with my own company but also enjoy the company of others, however I’m always glad to get back to peace and quiet. I can identify with all these quotes especially 3.

  13. I like being alone in thought. But need the comparing of idea’s / solutions with
    Like minded people. Then back to my self.. I find most people do not want to face
    The real world . That bites them in the butt sooner or later.

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