How to be Mentally and Emotionally Strong

We all admire Mentally and Emotionally strong people and you wonder how do they do it or how are they able to stand firm and face all the difficulties, negative emotions, and problems?

If you know someone who’s mentally or emotionally strong, just know they didn’t become by wishing they are strong or they were born that way, they had to take some hard decisions, face their fears, get rid of bad habits, and more. Some people didn’t have options, being growing mentally and emotionally strong was the only option.

A Mentally and Emotionally strong person is a person whose mind is not easily shaken by words or action (a calm mind), not easily manipulated, nor does have an emotional reaction to everything said or done.

Emotional and mentally strong people are relied on to make the right decision or move. If you are the head of the team, you can’t have an emotional reaction when an unknown person insults you or said you are a shitty leader. If you have an emotional reaction to everything said or done to you, you can be easily controlled by others. If words control you everyone can control you.

For Leaders, Parents, Entrepreneurs, and businessmen being mentally and emotionally strong is a must because you’ll face a lot of failures or rejections, and playing the victim role shouldn’t be a part of your character instead you have to choose growth.

Before knowing how to become mentally and emotionally strong, let’s know why are mentally weak? It’s due to your past where you played the role of a mentally weak person a lot and due to repetition your subconscious mind pictured that self-image of you and attached it to your personality. So when you face a tough situation, you mentally break down, sometimes blaming others for your situation, or reminding yourself of how you are the unluckiest person in the world, or crying over the past you can’t change. Your subconscious mind also labels you as an emotionally weak person.

Some people label people who cry as emotionally weak which is a big misconception. When we lose a person who is dear to us, some people cry and some don’t, and none of the actions label us as emotionally weak or strong. It means we are humans.

To become emotionally strong you must become mentally strong first.


How to become Mentally and Emotionally Strong

1. Face your Fears 

Deeply ask yourself what are your Fears? Then decide to face it. If you are afraid of failing which stops you from starting that project you think it will fail. Decide Now to start it. If you are afraid of what people might say or think about you which prevents you from doing a certain thing. Just do it. It’s easily easy to say face your Fears but hard to do.

The base of mental and emotional strength is free of fears and doubt. to build that mental and emotional strength, you have to do the toughest thing(facing your Fears) because your Fears controls mentally and emotionally. Whatever your Fears might be, be willing to face them fearlessly. The relief you will feel after facing it will be worth it.


2. Get rid of the Victim Mindset

Not all of us play the victim role in our mind every time they go through shits and that’s good. Getting rid of the victim Mindset strengthens your mentality and helps you let go of your past. 

If you have the victim Mindset here are some tips to help you get rid of it.

1. Leave that bad part of your past where it belongs. In the past.
2. Embrace change as a way to grow not a reminder of your past.
3. In tough a situation when your mind starts to play the victim scenarios, don’t say why me but ask yourself what is this situation trying to teach me.
4. know that life doesn’t get we become mentally strong. People go through shits and it’s through these shitty days that we grow.

3. Don’t Fear change and Lone time 

We grow mentally strong through changes, tough days, rejections, and failures. It’s only in your lone time that your thoughts are stronger than ever, though we might be feeling negative. You grow emotionally stronger when you embrace your loneliness, know what causes it, and get through it. Both change and lone time are disturbing but they are essential for growing mentally and emotionally stronger.

4. Learn from your mistakes and do not fear failures 

It’s really hard to spot your mistakes but you will know it in your failures, and even harder to accept your failures knowing that all the time you spent working for that goal didn’t give you the result you wanted. Failures and Rejections build character, even better it gives experience. 

We take the right decision and give the best advice only through our own experience. Being able to accept your failures, learn from your mistakes, and say I’ll try one more time is where you can know the strength of your mentality. 

Don’t give up after the first attempt and ask yourself why did you fail to prevent repeating the same mistakes in every attempt.

5. Free yourself from your past

You can’t see how bright the day is because your mind is busy playing the scenarios of the night you’ve been through. It’s hard and it takes time to let go of your past and heal from it( letting go comes before healing) but it’s necessary for strengthening your mentality and living a better life. If it was a bad relationship or a heavy experience don’t dwell on your past. Let go of it.

6. Stop being a people pleaser

Learn to say No without over-explaining yourself. It doesn’t make you rude but real. Being a people pleaser doesn’t just decrease your value in the eye of others but to yourself too. You will think people like you for you but they do that because you always accept what they tell you to do. 

Say Yes when you mean it from the inside and have the courage to say No. Being too nice always doesn’t give you real respect.

7. Clap for others Success

A part of a mentally and emotionally strong person is they don’t resent others Success. Clap for others your time will come. Being jealous and hating on others Success doesn’t put you ahead nor does it increase your chance to succeed. Think Win-Win

8. Read positive quotes

There are plenty of pages and accounts on social media that post good and meaningful quotes. Reading positive quotes makes you a better person (mentally) but don’t overread it that you only depend on quotes.

quotes help in shaping character because most of the great quotes are written by great leaders, inventors, and highly successful people who experienced the things they are talking about.

Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do

Amy Morin, the author of the book 13 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do, is a trained psychotherapist who got married at a young age. When she reached 23 years old, she lost her mother due to brain disease, it was a big shock to her, after 3 years and on the same day she lost her husband which got her in a dark place, but as a trained psychotherapist who treated people, she came up with 13 things mentally strong people don’t do.

Mentally Strong people don’t:

1. Waste Time Feeling Sorry for Themselves
2. Give Away Their Power
3. Shy Away from Change
4. Waste Energy on Things They Can’t Control
5. Worry About Pleasing Everyone
6. Fear Taking Calculated Risks
7. Dwell on the Past
8. Repeat the Same Mistakes Over and Over
9. Resent Other People’s Success
10. Give Up After the First Failure
11. Fear Alone Time
12. Feel the World Owes Them Anything
13. Expect Immediate Results


8 Powerful tips to become mentally and emotionally strong

1. Face your Fears 
2. get rid of the victim Mindset
3. Don’t Fear change and lone time
4. Learn from your mistakes and do not fear failure
5. Free yourself from your past
6. Stop being a people pleaser
7. clap for others Success
8. Read positive quotes

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